Are you TIRED of being Single & Unsuccessful with Men?


Now you can be in LOVE and ENGAGED to your Mr. Right after just 2 ½ days in my women’s ‘DATING BOOTCAMP!’ 



In my women’s weekend Bootcamp, Unleash your Inner MAN-MAGNET! Attract, Date & Marry your Mr. Right,” you will learn the ‘Blueprint’ for becoming a natural Man-Magnet who is able to attract incredible men and have them pursuing YOU for a Committed relationship and marriage. This is your missing link to meeting your Mr. Right.

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  Is the Weekend Bootcamp the right Solution for you? 

  • Do you know HOW to Attract MEN? I mean REALLY, powerfully Attract them and have them readily wanting to commit to you?
  • Do you know how to attract the high-quality, REAL Men? (The small population of men who are successful, masculine, attractive, dynamic and ‘marriage material’) And are you having a hard time even FINDING these ‘Good’ men?
  • Do you find that even despite being smart, witty, successful, or attractive, you still experience a lot of rejection, men throwing you in the Friend Zone a lot, and you can’t seem to keep the men you really want ATTRACTED to you for the long-haul??
  • Do you keep dating the “wrong” kinds of men, repeating destructive dating patterns and winding up in the wrong, dead-end relationships over and over? Have you had a history of men breaking up with you, cheating on you, or stringing you along?
  • Do your relationships with men often seem to fall FLAT – You start dating a good guy that you actually like, you think everything is going great – but then he suddenly pulls back and starts getting distant on you, or gives you the old “I really like you, BUT… I’m just not ready for a commitment right now…”??
  • OR Do you think of yourself as an altogether pretty great catch of a woman – but you just haven’t been able to find that one amazing, QUALITY Man – your SOULMATE – And you’re seriously ready to FIND him within the next 6-12 months??


If you answered YES to any of these questions and you are READY to be a BRIDE this year and not another Bridesmade, then my weekend Bootcamp is the right solution for you and taking it should be a no-brainer!


In just 1 weekend of coaching, you will learn everything you need to know about Dating, Relationships and MEN that will enable you to have the “WOW!” love that you want- You will develop powerful attraction skills and elevate your desirability & personal magnetism, which will enable you to attract a higher quality of man and enjoy more fulfilling, loving, deeply connected and committed relationships with them.


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I’m sure you’ve read a million articles and books on dating and how to ‘catch’ a man, you’ve maybe attended some dating classes, gotten advice from friends or just struggled to figure it all out on your own.

But what most women have learned about attracting and keeping a man is just plain WRONG!

Because the truth is, if the information you accumulated throughout the years were right, then you’d be snuggled under the arms of your HUSBAND right now instead of searching for answers on how to get him!

Don’t you have a friend or woman that you know that seems to just be able to effortlessly attract guys wherever she goes and has them practically chasing her down? She almost seems to have some magical way of making men adore her and fall crazy in love with her, and eager to commit to her? You’ve probably envied women like that before and wondered what in the world she had that you didn’t. 

Well guess what? In most cases, it’s not that these women are necessarily more physically beautiful than you or smarter than you, or had better boobs or bodies or what not. And it’s not that they were inherently born with some rare “Man Magnet” gene that you didn’t get.

So what the heck is their secret then? What do these man-magnetic women do or know that you DON’T know?

Well it’s actually very simple: The reason certain women can easily attract men and relationships is because they’ve simply learned the secrets to attracting and communicating with men… And they’ve tapped into their own inner ‘Man Magnet.’ That’s it. Every woman has an inner ‘Man Magnet’ inside of her. It’s called your natural feminine power, which is actually what ALL women were inherently born with, but unfortunately most haven’t fully connected with.

And when a woman knows how to tap into their natural feminine magnetism and utilize, combined with the second part of the equation, which is a deep understanding of men and how they work, she can naturally and effortlessly attract men her whole life.

Some Man-Magnet women have learned this intentionally, and some of these women unconsciously learned and internalized these things, if for instance they spent a lot of time growing up around guys or brothers… As was the case for myself, as I was fortunate enough to grow up with 4 brothers, all of their male friends and a giant family of guys my whole life, so I internalized this at a very young!

And I hate to sound harsh, but those women who never learn how attraction works for men and how to connect with their feminine power will end up continuing a lifelong cycle of failed relationship with men – and they will never get to experience true love with their Soulmate. Trust me, there are plenty of single women who come to me in their late 40s, 50s, or even 60s that have never learned this before, and that’s why they’re finally hiring me for help.

As a world-renowned Dating Coach for women, my proven method of teaching women how to powerfully attract men and marry them has been used by hundreds of my female clients all over the world for the past 7 years, producing spectacular results in their love lives, and has led to committed relationships, engagements, and marriages with their Soulmates in nearly 100% of them.

And now this is an opportunity for you to learn my proven ‘Man-Magnet method’ yourself IN-PERSON with me in just 1 weekend – instead of the usual 6-months of coaching that that my private clients go through!

 You will learn the secrets to being the kind of IRRESISTIBLE, “Marriage-Material”  Woman who attracts high-quality men and triggers intense love, respect, and lasting commitment from them.

Listen my friend, You DO NOT need to hire a Therapist or Matchmaking service! You do not need Cosmetic surgery or a new body, and you definitely don’t need to buy another How-To dating book or product!

Please, Stop wasting you money, your energy and very precious time on these useless solutions or by “trying to figure it out on your own” like so many women do before they work with me. Time is something that you definitely don’t have a lot of right now if you’re a single woman, especially if you’re over age 30.

All you need is to develop your inner ‘Man-Magnet’  and an essential attraction skillset. All of these things are what you will develop and walk away with in this 1 weekend, which is a complete steal for only $1,497.



  • Personal Assessment done for each participant with myself and my team, to create a solid foundation for the rest of the weekend. You will get REAL, honest and accurate feedback from myself and other real Men discussing with you HOW you occur for men – what their perception of you is, the things they notice about your presence, your physical appearance and behaviors that are attractive strengths – and the things they notice that are turn-OFFS, unattractive weakness that are turning men off and preventing them from being more attracted to you. Then, we work on ADDING all of those missing elements to your game over the weekend, and significantly improve your attractiveness and desirability from the inside out.
  • We will go through a unique process of Uncovering AND Eliminating unattractive behaviors, hidden blocks & destructive dating mistakes that have been pushing good men away and keeping you single.
  • You will learn the secrets of HOW to communicate, connect, and relate to men on a WHOLE new level that will literally transform your relationships with men FOREVER –Enabling you to create deeper connected, more satisfying, honest and passionate relationships with them.
  •  Understand MEN and SEX on a whole new level & learn how to powerfully ATTRACT and KEEP the men you want
  • You will develop into a truly Desirable, Irresistible “MAN-MAGNET” that men are naturally drawn to and readily want to commit to – And you’ll learn how to successfully navigate men through each of the critical relationship stages: from the 1st date, to his Girlfriend, to his Wife, quickly!
  • With the self-Confidence, knowledge and skillset you’ll gain over the weekend, you will start Attracting and dating Higher-Quality, great, Marriage-Material Men… And you’ll be equipped with my proven ‘Relationship Attraction Plan” that will enable you to manifest your IDEAL MAN within 6-12 months. Seriously, we don’t mess around in these Bootcamps!


So here’s your AGENDA over the course of the 2 ½ Day Bootcamp:

Day 1 “MINDSET Shift DAY”: 


PART I: Uncovering your Hidden Blocks & “Man-Repellant” Dating Patterns

We’re going to dive right into discovering and diagnosing each of your biggest “blocks” and nasty hidden blind spots that are at the deep-rooted SOURCE of your failures with men and relationships. We will distinguish the limiting mindsets and beliefs you have that have been lurking in the background and sabotaging your ability to find and attract your Soulmate, and start shedding them. You will start developing the mindset of a “High-Value, Marriage Material Woman”. And, you will have a breakthrough around your confidence & how you relate to men that will shift your whole reality! (For the better, much much better)

PART II: Understanding MEN & The Male Mind; Psychology of Attraction

You’re going to take a serious journey into the male mind! I’m going to teach you all the inner-workings of men and male attraction – what men really want, what are the primal forces that trigger their attraction and desire in women, Common Myths & Misconceptions about Men that most girls wrongly believe that cause them to fail, and the REAL Facts – What you’ll learn is going to blow your mind!

You’re going to find out HOW men categorize women immediately and what factors have them deciding whether a girl they meet is a “High Value,” desirable girl that they should date or get to know better, or whether she’s a “Low value, Replaceable” girl that they either throw in the platonic Friend Zone or just string along until they can find something better. You will learn the secrets of what gets men’s instant attention and interest and what turns them on, as well as what KILLS their interest and attraction and what things turn them OFF. And of course the psychology behind all of this so you’ll understand not only the “what” but the WHY behind it all. You will understand men on a whole new intimate level that’ll enable you to have WILDLY more successful relationships with them where you are adored, valued, loved & APPRECIATED, for the rest of your life!

By the end of the first night, you will be shifting from the disempowering mindset of the “Low-Value, Replaceable Woman” to adopting the confident winning Mindset of a truly desirable “High-Value, Marriage-Material Woman” who easily attracts quality men. Woohoo!


Day 2 “Unleash your inner MAN-MAGNET!” 

[“DAY SESSION”, 10am – 5:45pm]

PART I: Your Irresistible Man-Magnet Makeover

We will go over each of the critical components within your “Inner Game” of Attractiveness and improve every area so that your Inner Game, Confidence, Mindset and Self-Image is solid and irresistible, and properly set up for you to be effortlessly attracting & dating the men that you want!

You will also learn how to step into and magnify your natural Femininity, Sensuality and Sex appeal, in a way that will become naturally “magnetic” to the men you want. This shift in your energy will allow you to attract more masculine, strong, “Real” Men that most modern women have trouble attracting, and create more loving, intimate, fulfilling relationships with them. You will become a powerful Man-Magnet, attracting the men you’re interested in.

We will next go over each of the critical components within your “Outer Game” of Attractiveness, such as your Physical Appearance, Style & Wardrobe, Personality, Communication & Flirting Skills, Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication & Behaviors, and more, and develop your entire “Package” so that you are always making a powerful impression and men will instantly categorize you as a “High-Value,” Attractive, Desirable woman that they want to PURSUE and COMMIT to! It’s all about the image that you are projecting to men, and that image will either have men instantly categorizing you as just replaceable string-along girl, OR it will have men instantly perceiving you as a girl they can imagine marrying.

After we’ve improved all the major components in your “Outer Game,” you will forever change the way that men perceive you and respond to you; You will be that girl who gets guys falling hard for you and fires off their attraction triggers

PART II:  Developing your Man-Magnet Attraction Skills

You will learn the secrets of HOW to communicate, connect, and relate to men on a WHOLE new level that will literally transform your relationships with men FOREVER. You will learn how to communicate with your man in ‘Man-talk,’ which will enable you to create a deeply CONNECTED, honest & intimate, passionate relationship with your man (90% of women DON’T know how to do this!); I’ll teach you how to bring issues up & communicate with him in ways that bring him CLOSER to you, not push or scare him away.

PART III: Mastering your Magnetic FLIRTING & ATTRACTION Skills 

I will teach you how to master the art of FLIRTING & Conversing with men! You will be able to get men to approach you and ask you out whenever you go out, and how to be more “visible” with your body language, appearance and energy when you’re out, so you will have men noticing YOU and approaching you. You will learn how to successfully flirt & converse with men in your interactions and on your dates so that they want to take things to the next level. Flirting is an ESSENTIAL skill that every woman MUST learn if they want to be successful with attracting men. We will have a blast developing these skills while I take you “out on the town” in real environments, such as coffee shops, bars and stores, meeting guys! If you are a woman who’s shy or quiet, we will bust through your shyness and you WILL be able to confidently talk to guys, flirt with them and catch their interest – no more being “invisible” and ignored by men!

Master the art of Attracting Men


Day 2 “Night Session” Out on the Town! 

[9pm – 1:00am (approx)]

PART I: Exclusive Cocktail Party! 

First we’re going to all meet up in style for an exclusive Cocktail Party that I coordinate just for you ladies: This is truly a special treat because you will get a party just for yourselves with a bunch of attractive single men that are all yours! This is a rare and invaluable opportunity for you to practice all of the flirting strategies, conversation and attraction techniques that you’ve learned so far, and to show off the sexy new Man-Magnet that you’ve been becoming – on real men in a comfortable environment! You’ll be able to put your skills and new “you” to the test, and then get candid feedback and coaching during and after

PART II: Live Flirting & Man-Meeting ‘Field Session’

Then after the Cocktail Party, we’ll continue on to PART II of our “Night-on-the-Town” field outing, where my lovely Assistant and I will take you out to a few other prime quality man-saturated lounges and hot-spots to give you even more hands-on practice and training in meeting guys, flirting, attraction and conversation skills. So after this weekend, you’ll be fully equipped and set up to meet guys in your normal life effortlessly, wherever you go!

We will be your Wing-girls and we’ll be showing you in action exactly how it’s done! This Saturday night evening outing alone is so transformative and valuable that it far outweighs the cost of the seminar. This night alone is priceless in what you’ll gain out of it.


Day 3 ADVANCED Dating & MAN-ifesting Skills

[10:30am – 4:30pm]

We will first discuss your experiences and feedback from our Night-on-the-Town, and learn additional strategies and techniques that will have you strengthening the success of your interactions with men, and being able to successfully navigate 1st dates into committed relationships with the ones you want.

PART I: MAN-ifesting your Dream Man! 

This is a very special session, where we will be going through my ‘Man-ifestation’ process, together and actually ‘Manifesting’ your Ideal Man. We will create your ‘Mr. Right’ profile, and clarify your Needs and Wants in your ideal partner, create your Vision Statement for what your ideal, Soulmate relationship feels and looks like. We will do a powerful guided visualization together to clear out any subconscious and energetic blocks, to open up the flow of love into your heart, mind, and body, and to begin powerfully manifesting your Mr. Right to you, quickly.


We will create your personal “Relationship Attraction Plan” which will include both online strategies & offline strategies, methods and places for you to be easily meeting the kinds of high-quality, good men  in your natural life and daily routine. Your Relationship Attraction Plan will outline WHERE, WHEN, HOW, and WHAT you’ll need to do to manifest and meet your Mr. Right within 6-12  months.

PART III: Dating SKILLS, Formula for COMMITMENT, & Rules for Engagement.

Putting all the pieces together! This is where everything we’ve learned so far comes together, and I teach you how to master your first dates and the critical next few dates after that; I teach you your “Game-Plan” for getting him eager to COMMIT to you & make you his Girlfriend (plus my proven “COMMITMENT Formula“); and then, most importantly, how to inspire him to PROPOSE to you and make you his wife!

I’ll teach you how to give him that gut feeling that you are THE One. Plus, I’ll show you how to overcome Men’s “hidden fears” about Marriage so that he will associate marriage with you as being EXCITING and incredible – & propose sooner.

I’ll teach you powerful Attraction techniques that will make yourself IRRESISTIBLE to him and have him falling deep in LOVE with you.

And I will also teach you the fatal mistakes that most women make in this phase that cause men to post-pone engagement, suddenly lose interest, or change his mind completely and dump them!

PART IV: “Graduation Ceremony”: 

Finally, before our weekend ends, we will conduct a beautiful and memorable ‘ceremony’ where you will be officially candidated as a Desirable, “High-Value, Marriage Material” MAN-MAGNET who is set up to have amazing and loving, fulfilling relationships with men, forever!

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Your Shortcut to the Alter!

Do NOT miss out on this opportunity to change the course of your love life forever! I am only making this tour ONCE a year. That’s it. So don’t be a procrastinator.

Find the location that is closest to your city, even if it’s a short flight away –
And BOOK your Ticket NOW!

Figure out the logistics or money later after you’ve got your seat booked, or I’d be happy to help you with that as well.

The Bootcamp Details



  • FRIDAY night we meet from 6:00pm – 10:00pm

  • SATURDAY we meet from 10:00am – 5:45pm (with breaks)

  • SATURDAY NIGHT from 9:15pm – 1:00am

  • SUNDAY from 10:30am – 4:30pm (with breaks)

  • Participant SLOTS: Only 7 participants maximum per Bootcamp. This is a very private & exclusive group of guys, and seats will sell out FAST!

  • LOCATIONS: San Diego, New York, London, and Dubai

  • COURSE Investment: 

    – FULL Price: Only $1,497!  [If you register after May 31st]

    – Early DISCOUNT Sale price: $1,397  [If you register before May 31st]

    PAYMENT PLAN:  Just pay $200 Deposit to hold your spot, then make 3 easy Payments of $425 between now and your Bootcamp.

    *And if you register a Friend too, you BOTH get a discount of $100!