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Guys:How to Get into Right Mindset for Dates to increase Attraction

Getting into the right Mindset before Dates

As a man, your actual physical appearance, while still an important factor, is actually not as important in attracting women than you might think. Your underlying Mindset and Belief System is far more important and is an essential factor in your success with dating and attracting women. A large part of my male clients’ lack of success with women when they first come to me is rooted in their mindset and belief system, which is why much my coaching in the beginning is spent on strengthening this area for them. But here are some things to keep in mind that can help create the correct mindset that you need.

  1. Leave yourself enough time to get Ready – Don’t Rush
  2. Listen to a good pump-up song before-hand that makes you feel CONFIDENT, powerful & Sexy

The Right Mindset & Beliefs to have while on Dates:

  • You’re the selector… She’s the selectee

  • You’re the Alpha, the leader, the dominant one… And she’s the beta

  • You don’t need to “impress” HER. She should be impressing you, too! You should be qualifying HER, evaluating her to see if you like her and even want to date her. Don’t just be so consumed with the conquest and getting her to like you that you don’t even consider whether you even WANT to be with her.
  • Just because she may be “hot,” you technically don’t know her from a hole in the wall.  So don’t give her unduly glorification by putting her on an unwarranted pedestal. Don’t assume she’s an amazing catch just because she is attractive on the outside, no matter how perfect her boobs and legs may be.
  • If there are silences during the conversations, don’t go crazy trying to fill them right away each time. This shows insecurity.
  • Don’t kiss her ass, Or try to be someone extra nice, polite, and censored when you’re not usually like that. We women will see right through that.
  • Just be YOURSELF – the good and the bad, the quirks and all.

And Have fun!

Love, DeAnna

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DeAnna Lorraine is a San Diego Dating Coach and dating expert

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Successful Dating = be an Opportunity Magnet

6th Principle of Successful Dating: Be an Opportunity Magnet

This principle is one that once you fully apply, will help you gain massive results. The key is in becoming more aware of everything around you at all times – and aware of opportunities around you. Really one of the biggest differences between people who get tons of dates whenever they want and are successful in life, and those who barely get any dates or meet any new people and who experience little success in their lives, is not merely a matter of luck or fate or being born with a certain ability that others don’t have. It’s a simple thing that they all share in common – they have their eyes open, and they see opportunities.

These people see opportunities wherever they go, and because of that, they then attract more opportunities wherever they go, and they notice the opportunities when they are presented. And not only do they notice opportunities, but they act on them. They take opportunities when half the world doesn’t even notice them and the other half may see them but don’t do anything with them; they’ll just pass them by or waste them.

So is it any wonder then why these people are so successful, and the latter are not! They are opportunity magnets. And the more opportunities they see and act on, the more they naturally attract, and the more magnetic to them they become – and so the cycle continues.
YOU can easily turn yourself into an “Opportunity Magnet” as well. Anyone can; it’s not that difficult. It’s simply a new habit you can develop just like any other, of training yourself to be more aware, observant and perceptive wherever you are.

During my Date Coaching course, I help my clients gain this awareness and develop this habit, so they can spot out opportunities when they present themselves and attract more of them. Opportunities for love, money, and happiness are EVERYWHERE, but most of us are too darn busy and caught up in our own heads, or drifting off in trance and not paying attention to what’s going on around us. While we’re walking around town, driving to and from places, while we’re shopping for groceries, waiting in line, gabbing away on our cell phones… Most of us go through these routine daily activities on autopilot.

Then, we complain that there are “no good people to date” anywhere or resort to just going to singles events or finding people online, yet we don’t even notice the abundance of opportunities all around us. The grocery store; at the bank, at the gym, coffee shop, heck even in the car next to us that’s stopped at a red light.

You’ve got to get out of your bubble and notice when opportunities present themselves. Some may be in plain site, and some may be a matter of finding hidden opportunities in places or situations that you wouldn’t have guessed.

You’ll notice a difference immediately in your dating success after you begin applying this principle in your life.

To your Success!


Deanna Lorraine is a San Diego Dating Coach.

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