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What to get your Lover for Christmas?

What to get your Girlfriend or Boyfriend for Christmas?? Well this has always been a tricky dilemma, especially for new couples.
But the first thing to do is rather than evaluate your status simply in terms of how long you’ve been together, you should to evaluate your relationship based on intensity and level of commitment, as some couples move at a faster or slower pace than others. How often do you see each other? How close are you two? The biggest factor I would look at when determining this is…have you exchanged “I Love You’s” yet? If you have not exchanged the big words yet, or have only have a few times, you should remain in the relatively casual zone. This means your gifts should usually be under $100, and they shouldn’t be tooo sentimental. Perhaps even talk to each other and establish a budget upfront or at least a range that you both will stay in, so that 1 person doesn’t spend way too much and another spends way too little. That can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. So, I would stay away from things like diamonds and engraved items. For the ladies, a nice sweater or shirt, some cozy pajama pants or nice silk boxers, cologne, sunglasses, CD, (or you can burn one of music the two of you like, for an added personal touch) or a combination of some of those items would all be great gifts for guys in that level of relationship. For you lads, a bottle of nice perfume, chocolates, flowers, nice lingerie, an expensive bottle of champagne, or a pendant or sterling silver bracelet or earrings would all be great gifts. Stay away from rings, but necklaces with semi-precious stones ( i.e., aquamarine, blue topaz, amethyst, etc.) would be acceptable. Diamonds, Sapphires and Rubies are precious stone and imply a deeper level of commitment. Another tip for the guys, I would stay away from buying her shirts, dresses, pants etc, unless she specifically asked for it. Not only will you probably not be on target with the style and size, is it very impersonal too, and can be insulting to some ladies. Another gift no-no: Gift Certificates! Stay far, far away from gift certificates, unless someone specifies they want one. It’s very impersonal.

For the deeper stages of relationships: If this is not your first Christmas together, or if you’ve exchanged the Big Words and feel you are both on the same page in your level of commitment to each other, you can step up the level of sentimentality in the gifts. Try getting items engraved, buying a necklace with a diamond pendant, a designer purse, or things in that realm.

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