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New VIDEO: Keep Persisting, the Success is right after the Breakdown

This video is a message to you about the importance of Perseverance and Persistence… Especially in times of breakdowns and misfortunes. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and you will succeed if you just persist a little bit more, and work through the obstacles.

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How I would Coach The Bachelorette's Men!

Here’s what I would say to the 2 Gentlemen runners-up on The Bachelorette… If I were their Coach!

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DeAnnas Dating Blog

New Video: My Thoughts on the Bachelorette Final 4 Men

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Casting People for my new Dating Internet TV Episodes! Free Coaching

Guess What? I am currently filming a series of TV episodes, or ‘Webisodes’ since they will be online, for my new online TV & Radio Show! We are looking to cast people to be in the episodes with me through various segments covering different dating, attraction & relationship-related topics..

For the episode that we are ‘casting’ for this FRIDAY, July 9th, it will be a “1st Date Do’s & Don’ts” segment, and we are especialy looking for a COUPLE, between the ages of 21-50, (or, if you are an individual man or an individual woman, you can also choose to be casted for this and we will set you up with another single of the opposite sex for the scene.) The scene we are going to be shooting is a mock ‘1st date’ at a restaraunt or bar, with the dating coach simply pointing to certain things on your date, such as body language, communication, clothing, and other nuances that go on during a typical date, and will be explaining certain ‘Dating Do’s & Donts’. This will be very easy and fun for the couple (or the two individuals pretending to be on a date) who are casted for it. Plus, free drinks and appetizers will be provided for the couple who does the scene (it will be either in downtown San Diego or Pacific Beach, exact location TBD). The date scene will only take about 1 hour, to an hour-and-half max to film. The segment itself after editing will only be about 5-10 mins in length.You can choose to use your real names or be anonymous.

We are also looking to cast people to be in some of the other “How-To” episodes, as she instructs the participants on how to do certain things relating to dating and attraction. As a participant, you will get free live training, of which is normally worth at least $500+. We are looking for about 3-5 women and 3-5 men for these segments. The brief ‘How-To’ segments will be about 5-10 mins long each, will be fun and easy for the participants to film, and will be topics like:

  • How to Successfully Approach Women
  • How to Successfully Ask & Get a Woman’s phone # and set up The Date
  • How to Successfully Make the 1st Move
  • How to Escalate Sexual Attraction & Romantic Connection
  • Texting & Calling in-between Dates, Do’s & Don’t’s
  • Calling/Texting/Communication in-between dates
  • What Girls Talk about When Men aren’t Around
  • What We’re thinking before, and after, Sex and What Guys should Know
  • Girl Talk’ with friends after date or after he meets them
  • How to get Men to Approach you more & Ask you Out
  • Wearing Fake Book inserts, record feedback & responses
  • How to Feng Shui your Home & Bedroom to Attract more Love
  • How to Make your Home and Bedroom Woman-Friendly & Man-Friendly

We will typically be filming every Friday, but can work around your schedule.
If you’re interested in hearing more about this or you’re ready to get started, please email the Reply To address, or: as soon as possible and we can get you set up with making a positive change in your life, or answer any questions you may have!

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