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SO, did you know it’s National Singles Week this week? Yes, they actually have a week (finally!) celebrating singles and unmarried people. Which I am happy about because they have enough holidays just for couples, don’t they? So this week, my wish for you is to get out there and celebrate the fact that you are single and free and patiently looking for the right one, rather than rushing into it.

Celebrate the fact that you are selective and taking your time, and not settling for someone that you really don’t want just for the sake of being in a relationship. Pat yourself on the back for that. And for some of you, you should be celebrating the fact that you have broken up and moved on from someone that you know was not truly right for you, or that was not treating you right, or just not meeting your needs anymore. You broke free of that person and are stronger and better off now, available to someone much better fit for you and ready to receive that person. Because remember, when you have one foot still in a bad relationship, you are two steps away from being in the right relationship.

That being said, for those of you who are single and ready to find someone…. This is the week that I ENCOURAGE you to really get your jump-start on your search for The One! If you’re waiting for ‘the right time,’ this is it. Don’t give yourself another excuse to wait in the wings and not truly give it “balls-to-the-wall” 100% effort in this ever-important search for your Soulmate.

The universe does NOT like inaction or slow progress. If you know anything about the Law of Attraction, you know that the Universe responds best to massive and immediate action, and rewards you for it. The longer you wait, the less options you have, and longer your search will take.

You have to jump into it NOW.

So ask yourself… What are you doing TODAY to take action on the outcome of your love life? What action steps are you taking right now to ensure that you will meet your life partner this year?

Are you being proactive, and really taking an assertive stance in your love life?

Or are you being passive and waiting, are you being lazy or not really putting yourself out there? Are you being a wussy and not pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, not practicing your social and flirting skills, not aggressively exposing yourself to other singles on a CONSISTENT & regular, weekly basis; not going on dates regularly, not doing what it really takes to find your Life Partner?

I’m not going to lie… It does take some work and effort to find your life partner, but that’s just like ANYTHING good you’ve ever wanted in your life and any other goal you’ve wanted to achieve. So… ask yourself, are you really doing what it takes to get it?

If the answer is no in any way… Let me help you make this process as EASY and enjoyable for you as possible. You can take the looong and painful road… or you can take the shortcut. If you want your search to be fun, quick AND successful, you will need some strategies, skills and tools.

And THIS, my dear friend, is my job! As a personal Dating Coach, I help you date SMART and strategic, so you can be your own Dating Service. I will  arm you with a powerful Relationship Attraction Plan, and all the right dating, attraction and relationship skills so that your dates will be successful, you will not repeat your same patterns, and you will be able to successfully attract and KEEP your Soulmate when you find him or her, rather than losing them due to being ill-prepared or lacking essential dating or attraction skills. I will work with you from the inside out to help you overcome your unique obstacles and dating challenges, eliminate your self-sabotaging patterns or limiting beliefs, and get you out there dating the most quality, compatible potential partners, and, ultimately, YOUR Mr. or Mrs. Right. ASAP.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go find your dream partner and turn your love life around!

For those of you that are ready to dive in, I’ve got great news for you – I’m going to help you get a major head start! In spirit of National Singles Week, I’m doing a special Contest and promotion – I call it my National Singles Week Proactive Dating Challenge. Its easy to sign up and fun and inspiring to participate. Here’s the details: Every day this week, I’m going to release a new fun ‘dating challenge’ and give you a tip or strategy to go along with it. These fun challenges will really help you jump-start your dating process or make your current search much stronger and more successful, so you will want to participate no matter where you are in the process! Anyone who completes at least 5 of the 10 dating challenges that will be presented will be awarded:

  • A free 1-Hour Dating Strategy Coaching session with me either in person in San Diego or over the phone if you do not live locally.
  • You will ALSO get a $150 credit toward my 90-Day Rapid Relationship Attraction Coaching Plan (See plan INFO here)
  • AND a FREE Online Dating Profile makeover and ongoing online dating consulting if you would like to further your coaching with me and take it to the next level.

I strongly encourage EVERYONE to sign up for this fun and inspiring challenge! To receive immediate details and info for the challenge and to sign up, fill out this quick form HERE:

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But if for some reason you do not want to participate in the dating Challenge, you can still take advantage of my massive sale going on this week! For everyone who is looking to jump-start their dating life or has been thinking about Coaching to help transform your love life and speed up your search for your life partner, this is the week to do it! You will want to start this week so you can take advantage of my slashed prices for my coaching programs, for this week and a half only (September 20th till the end of the month, Sept. 30th). If you sign up with me at any time during this period, you will get 25% OFF my massively successful 90-Day Rapid Relationship Attraction Plan, or any other coaching plan (normal prices are ($450-$550/month). And if you sign up within these first 72-hours of the sale, you will also get a free Online Dating Profile makeover (valued at $169) and I will upgrade you to a VIP-level coaching package.

To Contact me for details, coaching plan prices or to book your consultation right now, Fill out this form below ASAP! You will be contacted right away for details and to book your free consultation, or first coaching session! (Please keep in mind that these free sessions will book up fast and there are limited coaching spots, so it’s first come, first served. When they are booked up, the sale will be over. So book your session ASAP.)

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