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Where is Your Love Life at Right Now? 

I work with women in coaching them through every phase of their journey to finding their Soulmate, getting married, and staying madly in love. Any phase you are currently at is the perfect time to start coaching, whether you are currently in a relationship and need help with it, or you’re fresh off of a break-up or divorce, or you’re ready to find The One soon, my private Coaching is tailored to fit what you’re going through right now and reach your relationship goals. The length of time that we work together is usually determined by what “phase” you’re currently in right now as well as your specific goals. Talk to me directly over a Free Consultation Call if you have any questions about my coaching programs and to help you decide which is right for you. 


Which Phase of the Relationship Journey are YOU in?
  • PHASE I: The “Dating” Phase

    Results & Coaching areas INCLUDE:

    Start here if you are relatively new or inexperienced with dating, you are newly single after a divorce or break-up, or you’ve been ineffective with dating & need to work on any of these foundational “core” areas:

    • We get you moved on from a Break-up or Divorce successfully
    • Get to the root source of your ineffectiveness with attracting (the right) men & maintaining a lasting committed relationship
    • We will Uncover AND Eliminate your unattractive dating behaviors, subconscious “blocks” & destructive dating and relationship mistakes that have been pushing good men away and keeping you single.
    • Develop the high Confidence, Self-Love  & magnetic Inner Mindset necessary to meet & attract your Ideal Man
    • Overcome any Shyness & discomfort around men and social interactions that have been keeping you from connecting with them fully. Develop stronger interpersonal & conversational skills.
    • Inner & Outer Beauty Development – Your Makeover plan to develop you into a truly High-Value ‘Marriage-Material ‘MAN MAGNET!
    • Create a Life that you LOVE & live passionately!
    • Develop successful Flirting skills, Sex Appeal and a magnetic 1st impression
    • TIMEFRAME: This Phase usually takes 3 Months before moving into PHASE II (“Dating”)
  • PHASE II: The “Relationship” Phase

    Results & Coaching areas INCLUDE:

    This coaching Phase is for Women who have already developed all or most of the core areas in Phase I, and who are already ‘dating’ but want to get into a committed relationship with their Ideal Man:

      • We create & execute your personal ‘Relationship Attraction Plan’ to have you dating quality men and meeting your “Mr. Right” within a few months.
      • Master your first dates and learn how to stand out above other women as a ‘Keeper’
      • You’ll learn about and understand MEN and the Male Mind, Sex, and the psychology of male Attraction on a whole new deeper level to enable much deeper connections with them
      • Learn how to recognize & attract GOOD, High-Quality ‘Husband Material’ Men & Weed OUT the WRONG guys
      • Learn to create powerful  Chemistry & Attraction with men so that you’ll get the men you want pursuing you
      • How to Show men that you’re a “High-Quality, Marriage Material” Woman – And not a “Short-Term, Replacable Girl”
      • What Men are looking for in women during the critial early dating phase to determine your “Long-term/Marriage potential,” How they ‘Test’ women, and how to pass their tests with flying colors!
      • Learn all the new Dating, Sex & Communication Rules for women in 2013
      • Once we’ve found your Mr. Right, I coach you through your Game-Plan for getting him eager to COMMIT to you & make you his Girlfriend – and I make sure you don’t make any of the common fatal mistakes that most women make in this phase that cause men to suddenly lose interest or dump them 
      • TIMEFRAME: The Dating Phase usually lasts from 3-6 months before my clients find their Ideal Woman and enter into a committed relationship with her (PHASE III)
  • PHASE III: The “Marriage” Phase

    Results & Coaching areas INCLUDE:

    This Coaching Phase is for Women who have already mastered Phases I & II, and who are either currently dating someone special OR are looking to find their Ideal Man & create an incredible relationship or marriage with him.

    • Learn Attraction techniques that will make yourself IRRESISTIBLE to him & have him falling deep IN LOVE
    • How to give him that gut feeling that you are THE ONE
    • Learn Men’s hidden Fears & objections about Marriage and how to overcome them so that he will associate marriage with you as being exciting & incredible, not scary.
    • Understand MEN and SEX intimately so that you’re able satisfy all his hidden needs & desires, keep him fulfilled sexually, and win his life-long love, respect & devotion. Learn these keys & you will be his Dream Girl!
    • How to communicate with your man in ‘Man-talk,’ which will enable you to create a deeply CONNECTED, honest & intimate, passionate relationship with your man (95% of women DON’T know how to do this!); Learn how to bring up issues & share your feelings with him in ways that bring him CLOSER to you, not push or scare him away.
    • I coach you through my proven Game-Plan for inspiring him to propose to you, quickly! Then I make sure your engagement is moving forward successfully and prevent you from making any of the common mistakes that most women make in this phase without realizing that cause men to stall on the engagement or wedding, get scared, or suddenly change their mind about you and break it off.
    • TIMEFRAME: The Relationship Phase usually lasts from 3 months until however long my client chooses to continue the coaching with me once I get them settled into a committed relationship with their Ideal Man. Many of my clients choose to continue the coaching so that they can continue building an amazing relationship and deepen their relationship skills, worth through the inevitable issues and challenges that come up with their partner, and navigate through the next phases of their relationship evolution. Many of my clients continue the coaching after they’re happily married either individually or together as a couple, because there is always more to learn and evolve in a relationship!
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Not sure where to start? Sign up for a free 30-Min Consultation Call with me, where we will discuss your biggest dating & relationship challenges, your needs, and relationship goals, and see which of my coaching programs would be your best solution!