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Are you a woman who WANTS to find true love… To find your true Soulmate that you were meant to be with… Your best friend and partner in crime, an incredible man who knows you and understands you better than anyone else on the planet…

You want so badly to experience real, “epic” love, maybe dream of have a family with him…

But something keeps standing in your way, and you keep ending up single and frustrated?

Do you feel like you are a great catch of a woman – intelligent, successful, attractive, and interesting – but your efforts in trying to find a relationship keep failing and it seems like one disappointment, heartbreak, or failed relationship after the next?

Do you feel like you keep meeting the wrong men, or that you know deep down that you must be doing something “wrong” with men and attracting your Soulmate, but you just don’t know what it is or how to fix it?

Do you feel like you’re not meeting any good, honest, and attractive men of high quality who are “on your level”… or the few men you have met who you’ve finally connected with, didn’t reciprocate your feelings and didn’t want to pursue committed relationship with you?

(Check as many of the above that apply… This is the no-shame zone here 🙂

The bottom line is, you’re still alone while all your friends are all married and enjoying their families and lives with their partners. Sometimes it’s probably hard and depressing for you to even look at your Facebook stream, because it seems like every day a new friend is posting pictures of them  getting engaged, or married, or having a new baby… And it’s like a constant nagging reminder that you still are in the same place, not getting any younger, and your ticking louder. (Believe me, I’ve been there and so have all my clients).

And if you go on one more bad date you think you’re going to either pull all your hair out or write off men forever and join a monestery.

WHY? You are probably wondering,

Where is my Soulmate? Will I ever find MY Mr. Right?

Will I ever find THAT amazing man and start sharing my life with someone?!

Are you ready to meet your true Soulmate, and eager to start enjoying an incredible relationship and life with him by your side?

Why hasn’t it happened to you yet?

This isn’t the first time you’ve been looking for solutions and advice on how to better attract the right men and how to find your Mr. Right, is it?

So, when is it finally going to be YOUR turn?

Your turn to be blissfully in love with an amazing man… Your turn to walk down the aisle in a beautiful white wedding dress while your friends and family all witness your love unfold?

Keep reading on, so you can discover the most IMPORTANT things that’s actually been preventing you from having success with men and attracting your soulmate.

If you’re like so many women these days, you’re not alone. And believe me, I have been there right where you are too. You are among the majority of modern women now who are unknowingly and unconsciously blocking love, preventing your soulmate from coming into your life, and pushing good men away.

Its not that you mean to, or even realize that you’re doing it… But if you are over age 30 and not married, and have been trying to find a partner – then the fact is that you are blocking love, in various ways.

As a highly trained and experienced Relationship, Life & Dating Coach and NLP Practitioner of nearly a decade in professional practice coaching thousands of women, as well as a life-long researcher of love who has personally gone through every kind of relationship experience, successes, failures, and trials myself, I have become intimately aware of the unconscious ways in which we modern women sabotage our success in love and dating, and keep you from meeting your Mr. Right.

I see the same patterns and issues day in and day out with the women that I coach, and have distinguished it into a science that is easy to understand and learn from.

The ways in which you are blocking love and preventing yourself from having the relationship of your dreams are always found in these two areas:

  • Your “Inner Self” – Which consists of your subconcious beliefs (about yourself, about men, about love and your ability and worthiness of getting, attracting, and having true love), and your Chakras, or energetic and spiritual body. In almost all cases of women and men that I work with, there are blockages in their chakras and spiritual body
  • Your “Outer Self” – I.e., Your Personality, Behaviors and actions: The things that you’re doing (and not doing) when you’re both interacting with men, and also when you’re by yourself, which are unattractive, inneffective, and are pushing men away or causing them to lose interest if they initially were interested.

In sum, if men are not wanting to commit to you, you don’t have men hanging off the rafters pursing you, adoring you, and eager to throw a ring on it, then the reasons why simply lie in those two areas.

So, getting a little deeper in that, what are the most common patterns that are sabataging women from enjoying an amazing relationship with their Soulmate? What are the biggest specific reasons why men run away from you, won’t commit to you, or suddenly lose interest after dating you?

  • You have un-healed Energetic and Subconscious Blocks: Due to painful and dissapointing experiences, rejections, and break-ups with men and your relationships in your past, you’ve accumated blockages and traumas in your main chakras that are integral to your relationship success – your Heart chakra, Sexual chakra, Solar plexus chakra, and Throat chakras.
  • You’re throwing off the Sexual Polarity (Masculine/Feminine energy balance): You unknowingly have stepped into the Masculine energy role in your relationships, which turn men off and kill their attraction. Many modern, strong, successful women unknowingly imasculate men and act in ways that project “masculine energy” – which by nature repels men and kills their interest and attraction to women.
  • You have poor “Emotional Fitness” – Most women are really bad at managing and effectively controlling their negative emotions like Fear, Trust issues, Insecurity, low self-esteem, and doubt when they come up with men, and they end up sabotaging their relationship.
  • Dysfunctional Relationship Patterns: You’ve learned relationship patterns that are unhealthy (from your father), including patterns like the Broken Man Rescuer, The Too-Giving/Too Nice Girl Pattern, going after unavailable men, The Perfectionist seeker, the Co-Dependant, and the Love Addict
  • An Unattractive or unmemorable Presence: You have not fully developed your “IT Factor” – been lacking in the ability and outward presentation to capture a man’s attention, get him interested in you, highly attracted to you, and the skills to make him truly adore you, want to pursue you and commit to you long-term
  • Inadequate or ineffective romantic Relationship Skills and Knowledge of men: You’re lacking in the flirting skills, attraction skills, communication and intimacy skills with men, so that the men you meet keep perceiving you as a “Low value, Replaceable Woman” who they see only as a short-term, casual option, instead of a “High-Value, Irreplaceable Woman” who they perceive as wife material and take you seriously.

→ (*I encourage you to download my free MP3 audio, 3 Deadly dating Mistakes smart women make that Push Great Men away & Keep them Single – to learn more about these mistakes and about what you may be doing wrong)

Those last two bullet-points are very important. See most women have a hard time understanding men, connecting deeply and intimately with them, and communicating with them authentically in a way which draws them closer to you and builds relationship – not push him away and kill relationship.

Unless you’re one of those gifted, naturally charismatic man-magnets, or you’ve grown up closely around brothers and were instilled with the innate knowledge and ability to be great with connecting with men and attracting them effortlessly (I was fortunate to grow up with 4 rowdy brothers!), you probably find men to be a little confusing and don’t really understand clearly how to connect with them and powerfully attract them.

After all, they ARE different than us women. They are wired differently, and are born with different needs, desires, motivations, and ways of thinking and communicating. So what do you do in any other context when you don’t know how something works, like math, or science, or a car? You learn about it! you simply study it, and understand it, so you can then interact with it successful and it isn’t “foreign” anymore. Well that is the same thing with men! Women need to learn about men, and how to interact with them, in order to be successful with them. Not treat them just like a woman, but more hairy.

The problem is, this is a subject that they never taught us in school. But absolutely should have. Women NEED to learn about men in order to be successful with relationships with them. And, they need to learn about us women. That is one of the steps to a wildly successful relationship with them.

So the SECRET is three-part: Healing yourself, Developing powerful relationship skills with men, and understanding men and relationships better.

Knowledge is power. New Skills change your life. Inner healing creates the foundation that makes everything possible that wasn’t possible before.

I am now so proud to say that I am in the most incredible relationships of my dreams, with my Soulmate. But I couldn’t have gotten here and manifested this without those 3 essential steps.

So if this resonates with you at all, then please do not wait any longer to turn this around.

Over the last decade, from years of researching, thousands of hours of coaching, personally experiencing, and fine-tuning, I’ve developed very powerful and effective Coaching programs that are designed and proven to overcome these very core issues and relationship blocks that are preventing women like you from attracting their true soulmate, enjoying the healthy, happy, passionate, loving, and long-lasting relationship and marriage of their dreams.

They are very comprehensive coaching programs that are holistic and transformative – they work with you to target, heal, and transform all of these elements from the inside to your outside. I.e., they WILL change your Life! They will enable you to create a NEW future.

I integrate energetic and spiritual healing sessions, with Hypnosis and NLP to shift your mental programming and subconscious minds, and of course, behavioral therapy and relationship coaching to make positive and remarkable shifts and improvements to your outward behaviors, presence physical appearance, lifestyle, and personality, to enhance your natural beauty and magnetism and develop you into the most all-over attractive, marriage-material goddess that you can be!

And of course, throughout the entire program we are executing my proven Soulmate Manifestation Action plan to manifest your most compatible Soulmate and dream relationship, within 6 months.

Through My coaching program and working with you, I will help you develop a powerful skill-set of essential relationships skills (flirting skills, attraction skills, communication skills, intimacy skills, dating skills, and relationship skills) that will transform your relationships with men forever. These new skills will enable you to connect with men easily, and create very deep, intimate, passionate, and fulfilling relationships with them beyond your wildest imagination.

You’ve waited and been alone long enough. It’s your turn now!

It’s your turn to enjoy an EPIC relationship that you’ve been dreaming of all your life.
Imagine what it would feel like to be:

… Noticed and eagerly pursued by high-quality, good-hearted, attractive men
… Adored and cherished by the man you love
…. Desired and loved passionately, Receiving more romance, presents, flowers, and other expressions of love
… Be a woman that men look at like a Goddess, who they go crazy over
… Be able to communicate and connect deeply with men, not just create a strong sexual connection, but an emotional connection that has them being totally honest and authentic with you, being your best friend and most fulfilling lover.
…Feel more comfortable, confident, spontaneous and self-expressed with men
…Experience what it’s like to be a “Man Magnet,” attracting more attention, affection, adoration, admiration and support from men
…Have less conflict, heartache, frustration and disappointment
… Enjoy a truly EPIC relationship and marriage, that fulfills all of your desires and needs and that others are envious of.

By the way, here is my definition of an “EPIC” Relationship:

E = It’s Extraordinary. Above ordinary. More like a Notebook-style legendary love story
P = Passionate
I = It has Integrity. It’s honest and authentic.
C = It’s Committed, Communicative, and truly Connected.

THAT’s the kind of relationship that I want YOU to have! That is what you deserve. And that is what I am committed to achieving for you – and as many women as I can all over the world.