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Find your Love Match! Come to the ‘ZODIAC Singles Party’ TONIGHT in SD, 8/16


Find Love in the Stars at the first-ever ‘Zodiac Singles Party!’

So, what’s your sign?? Did you know that every person’s astrological sign (Gemini, Taurus, Leo, etc.) has their own unique traits & behaviors, and they have 1 or 2 other signs that they are known to be very attracted to and make highly compatible romantic matches with?

Join us for a fun evening hosted by San Diego’s Dating coach DeAnna Lorraine and Lucky7Match who will use your SIGN to bring you highly compatible romantic connections! At various stations throughout the venue (party will take place on the beautiful rooftop lounge of the W. Hotel in San Diego, underneath the Summer stars!), we will group singles by their astrological “signs” together with other people who’s signs are proven to be highly compatible with. You’ll also have conversation cards, decor and other things at your station to play with that are characteristic of your signs. The goal is a high probabiliy of matches and romantic connections happening in one night!

At the very least, we’ll have great friendships & connections develop because we’ll be mingling only with like-minded women & men who are totally compatible with each other, and think and act like each other, too!

*Hosted appetizers at the event, drink specials for our guests, a raffle prize getaway to Cancun and an amazing night with compatible singles on the rooftop of the W., underneath the stars! *Primary AGE Group: 20s, 30s, 40s.
*You don’t want to miss this premier event! CLICK to see more details and REGISTER
(Register online to take advantage of the lower ticket price; Price jumps to $25 if you wait to pay at the door). 
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