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Holiday Gift-Giving Do’s & Dont’s for Couples!


Ok, it’s Christmas time and time for the big question- what oh what to get your partner? As you’ve probably experienced at some point or another, gift-giving can be a stressful freakin’ experience, especially if you’re in a new relationship and it’s your first gift. A gift can either ‘seal the deal’ and even take your relationship up a notch if it’s right on the money… or it can be a deal-breaker and get you dumped & dumbfounded! Women can be especially tricky I know, so I do feel for you, guys. But have no fear, DeAnna is here to make your Holiday a heck of a lot easier so you don’t have to find yourself running around the mall on Christmas eve sweating bullets. Whether you’ve only been dating a few weeks or it’s been a few years, here are my tips to keep in mind that’ll win them over and keep you from making embarrassing gift faux pas.

Gift-Giving DON’Ts:

Top worst & most awkward gifts from Guys to their Ladies: Avoid these like the plague!dating coach

1. No Vacuums, Tupperware, or household appliances... Even if it’s the “top of the line” model that looks all nifty & practical. Unless she specifically said she wanted one.

2. No Soaps, bath soaps and body lotions (very cliche, body lotions like ‘Sweat Pea & Cucumber’ from Bath & Body Works is like the token ‘last minute gift’ for a woman )

3. No clothes, swimsuits or lingerie in the early stages of dating (if you’ve only been dating her a few months, chances are you don’t know her exact tastes and measurements yet, so it’s risky to buy these items. A common but embarrassing faux pas is the guy who buys lingerie that’s either way too big or too small – both are insulting!)

4. No running shoes or work-out attire (so un-romantic, plus they can send the wrong message – Exhibit A: “So wait, are you saying that I’m fat?! What are you trying to tell me??”)

5. No gift certificates! I know you’re thinking, “I’d rather just give her something that she really wants, so why don’t I just giver her a gift certificate so she can get herself the perfect gift?” But no no no guys, you’re thinking way too practical! Giving us a piece of paper is a sure-fire way to make us cry on the inside and feel like you don’t care. WE women interpret it as = No thought, impersonal, last-minute gift, RE: “He must not know/love/care about me!”

Top Worst gifts for Ladies to give their Guys: Avoid these…

1. Stuffed animals (even if it’s doused in your perfume). Most Men just don’t have any “use” for them like girls do.

2. No photo albums or scrapbooks (especially a photo-shopped collage of your ‘future children’), which will scare the bejesus out of most guys unless you’ve been together for a very loong time.

3. No expensive pens or flashlights (“Gee…Thanks”)

4. No aftershave, Electric shaver, Electric Nose-hair Trimmer or things related to shaving (where did women get the idea that this is romantic or cool? Unless he specifically asked you, let them buy their own shavers ladies!)

5. No underwear, socks or “fancy” Boxers. (This is just awkward – him, and maybe his mother, if anyone, should be the only people buying him that)

Gift-Giving DO’s

Best gifts for Guys to Give to your Woman: As a general rule, most women want items that are personal, romantic, and that show possession and thought. Such as…

1. JEWELRY! (Hey, It never goes out of style, it’s always a safe bet, and if you think it’s “overdone” or “cliche,” well guess what smarty? It’s cliche for a reason – it works! We love it! We want it! It “shows you care!” ) A pendant, tennis bracelet, Tiffany’s, Swvarsky, etc. As another jewelry-buying tip for guys, it’s a good idea to START with a bracelet or a pendant/necklace that’s more on the simpler side, especially one that’s a birthstone, simple diamond, or Swarovski, because then you have more pricier & fancier jewelry items to build up to later. And PLEASE, hold OFF on a ring unless it’s “THEE Ring!” Don’t be stupid. I think probably the cruelest thing you can do to a woman is present a small ring-shaped box to her, have her open it and see a ring inside, but it it isn’t an engagement ring. I’ve seen quite a few holiday break-ups happen this way, LOl.  But back to the reason why we love jewelry from you, we don’t  just love it because looks gorgeous and makes us feel special, want jewelry from you because every time we wear it & look at it, we think of YOU, and we smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside about you.

2. Designer Perfume or Purse – Perfumes like Michael Korrs, Dolce Gabana, Marc Jacobs, & BVULGRI are great. Again, even though it isn’t jewelry, it still shows ‘possession’ because every time we wear it and smell it we think of you and we are “wearing” a reminder of you all the time, which makes us feel closer to you! If you want to get a gift that’s a safe bet, don’t burden yourself by frantically struggling to devise the most creative gift possible, which may or may not even work for us anyway, just go with what WORKS and get her jewelry or perfume! Purses/Handbags are a little less personal, but still great for an easy gift that you can’t really go wrong with if you want an alternate gift. I would go with Coach or Louis Vuitton.

3. Anything Creative, Romantic, Personal or Sentimental – Examples: a burned CD with your love songs on it that you made, a Scrapbook of photos, a personalized bracelet, necklace, watch, or anything engraved or personalized, hey even naming a star after her (if you’ve been together for a little while). And if you DO know your girl’s measurements & size, then tasteful lingerie or nightie from Victoria’s Secret or Agent Provocateur would make a great gift too.

4. Fine Chocolates, Roses, cute Stuffed Animals, Almond Champagne and/or a good old-fashioned sweet Love letter is a great small gift if you’ve just started seeing each other or perfect complimentary accent items to your main gift. We girls never get sick of chocolate, stuffed animals and roses! I know it might sound counter-intuitive to you logical men, but the more ridiculous, lavish, and over-the-top cheesy you go with these little holiday trinkets, the more special and loved we feel (most women, that is).

5. A “Surprise Romantic Getaway,” or Reserving dinner and a room or romantic suite somewhere either local or away for the night. Palm Springs, Vegas, LA, Santa Monica, Big Bear, & Idylwyld are all great little weekend getaway spots for San Diegans.

Best Gifts for Girls to give their Man:

1. Useful New Gadgets (Such as a PDA, a Contour+ HD Video Camera, SuperTooth Disco, plasma TV, Business card scanner, iPad, upgraded iPhone, Kindle, a GPS, etc. Also, an upgrade to his CAR if he had been wanting it, such as Window-Tinting, better Stereo/Speaker system, Sirius or XM radio, etc.

2. Intimate or Boudour (“Sexy”) photos; have your top favorite pics blown up & framed in color or a classy black & white, and put the rest in an album for him. You can also take the pics & easily create a custom-made mug or Calendar, starring the sexy model YOU!

3. A homemade “Coupon Book” – And be creative with the coupons!

4. Sporting event tickets or memorabilia/collector’s items, UFC events; Concert tickets

5. An engraved silver Flask or Watch

When in doubt, here’s some quick guidelines to remember:

  • For guys especially – ask around! Don’t blindly guess; if you aren’t sure about a gift or what she would like, ask her close friends or family and get their input – that’s a pretty sure-fire way to get a gift that’s on-target.

  • Establish a budget range before-hand. Talk to each other and establish a budget or at least a range that you both will stay in, so that one person doesn’t end up spending way to much or too little, which could make for an embarrassing situation.
  • Be sure to add the personal touches! Be sure to wrap the gifts, wrap them yourself, and do NOT forget about a card! To us women, the card is a very important part of the gift, almost as important as the gift itself, that you should not skip over! (Oh and guys, that means write in the card – don’t just sign your name under the Hallmark text. Write your own personal note in addition, and sign it!)
  • If you’re going to buy clothes, be absolutely certain of their size and style. Avoid getting sizes that are way too big or small, or something they’ll never wear.
  • Don’t “Re-gift” anything! C’mon, I know the economy’s pretty bad right now but please, don’t go there.
  • Women = Personal /  Men = Practical. A great rule of thumb for men and women’s gifts is, for women, think “Personal,” for men’s gifts, think “Practical!”

Any other questions? Just ask me!

Good Luck & Happy Holidays! Love, DeAnna

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