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Biggest Mistakes Women make when TEXTing & Calling Guys!


Do you ever get confused as to what how you’re supposed to go about Texting, calling or communicating with the men you’re dating?

Do you call? Do you text? Do you send a freakin’ telegram? What the heck do you do these days and what is going to garner the best response?

Well I deal with this all the time with my clients, especially lately as new forms of communication seems to keep popping up, so I recorded my Video this week to cover this exact query – “Biggest Mistakes WOMEN make when Texting & Calling Guys!” Watch the video on my Blog to get my whole scoop on that.

But here’s the summarized snapshot of my coaching on that:

While you don’t want to be TOO eager and be waiting by the phone for your new love interest’s call or text during the week and reply instantly all the time, you also don’t want to teach him bad habits either, ‘train’ him the wrong way, or turn him off unknowingly.

If a guy does call you during the week, you should call him back within a few hours, or no later than 24-hours the VERY latest. If you miss a guy’s call several times, and then you opt to reply to him by texting him instead, then you are teaching him to NOT call you from now on and that you want to be texted instead. So, he will forget about calling you after that. And that’s not really what we want now, is it ladies?

And if he texts you during the week, it’s important that you remember the following 3 things:

  • Pick up on the cues from him when he is trying to flirt with you, be sarcastic or playful. And PLAY along with him! Be flirtatious and warm when you text him back. Play back into his sarcasm or sassiness, and throw some cute sass back at him.
  • Do NOT be a cold fish when he texts you – Cold, dry, dull, and non-responsive to any playfulness or humor that he tries to throw at you. Do not be too ‘professional’ and formal in your texts – again, boring! Guys will lose interest quickly because they’ll conclude that YOU’RE not interested, or that you are just dull.
  • And don’t wait more than 12 hours, or 24-hours at the most to text him back. Don’t be ‘too busy.’ If you wait TOO long to text him back, all the time, he will start to give up because it’s just too much work chasing you. Let him be the man, and do his thing. When you are warm, friendly and responsive, he is able to have the confidence to try to move things along with you faster and start making plans for next dates, etc.

Make it a little easier on him to keep the connection going during the week, and be excited to make plans to see you again! (SEE full VIDEO & BLOG post here)

Good luck ladies, and let me know how it goes!

(*I coach my clients about this in much greater depth in my Women’s Date Coaching programs (1-on-1, Skype and Group Coaching) and in my Women’s “Become a modern MAN-MAGNET” 3-Day Dating & Attraction Bootcamp, coming up in the Summer! If you want to learn more, contact me today to schedule a 1-Hour free Dating Strategy Session’ over the phone so I can talk to you personally about your situation and your goals, and get you set up with the best coaching solution for you. )

~Your Partner in Dating Success,

DeAnna Lorraine xoxo

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