DeAnna’s latest TV, News and Media coverage! DeAnna is the media’s trusted go-to expert  for the most current and real dating & relationship advice. Ms. Lorraine is a knowledgeable and cutting-edge thought leader who can be counted on to tell it like it is.

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DeAnna’s Recent TV Appearances

DeAnna is regularly asked to appear on both local and national TV shows & stations for her knowledge and expertise, from The Rachael Ray show to Good Morning America, FOX, CBS, NBC, KUSI, and more.

The Rachael Ray Show Online Dating Profile Makeover & Tips

Good Morning America (link added soon) How the Recession has affected Dating/Relationships

CBS 8: February 14th 2009 Ways to Improve your Romantic Market Value

FOX 11 LA ‘Ask the Expert’ What Personality Traits are Associated with your Car?

CBS News 8 San Diego Recession-proof Dating Tips; Dating on the Cheap

News 9 Oklahoma CBS

FOX 5 San Diego News Google Tracker & the New Rules of Dating & Technologies!



The Del Mar TV News Single in the City – San Diego Dating Guide

The San Diego Living Show Worst & Best Holiday Gifts to Get your new Lover

ABC 13 Sonoran Living Live (Phoenix): DeAnna’s Bad-Date Bailout Plan

KUSI Good Morning San Diego Summer Dating & Love Tips

FOX 6 in the Morning Top 10 Worst Pick-up Lines & Strategies Men are Using

ABC7 The View from the Bay (SF) What kind of Women does your Car Attract?

WNBC New York What does your Vehicle Say about You?

CBS News 8 San Diego National Romance Awareness Month



Fox 5 Morning News San Diego How to Snag a Last-minute Date for New Years Eve

Good Day Sacramento




DeAnna on the Radio

DeAnna is regularly asked to contribute to radio shows throughout the country, and she even has her own talk radio show, “Down & Dirty Dating with DeAnna Lorraine” Below are some of her most recent radio spots

The Phil Hendrie Show

The Maria Sanchez Show on KTVU

Frankie & Geena’s Morning Show on Channel 933 (Regular Dating Correspondant)

The Bob Sully Show

The 91X Morning Show with Mat Diablo

347 Steps

CWS Australia Talk Radio

The John Hancock Show

Maynard’s Garage Show

Bulldog & The Rude Awakening

Chat with Women

You Auto Know with Dave Stall

KDKA News Talk Radio

The Dallas Weekly

Into the Night with Dave Coddon

SignOn Radio

Smooth Jazz 98.1

DeAnna in Print

Discover, San Diego Dating Column (Regular Contributor)

Glamour Magazine

Self Magazine

The Frisky

Entrepreneur Magazine

The Good Men Project

Times Union Blog

The Examiner

Betty Confidential

The San Diego Business Journal

The Rochester Business Journal

Discover SD (Regular Contributor)

Pacific Magazine (Regular Contributor)

The Del Mar Times

The Rancho Santa Fe Review

The Carmel Valley Times

The La Jolla Light

The Chicago Red Eye

The Solana Beach Sun

The Carmel Valley Leader

The San Diego Union Tribune

The Dallas Weekly

Figure Magazine

MSN Love

The Frisky

Farm & Dairy Magazine

NBC5 Chicago

ABC 7 San Fancisco

Indianapolis Star

Seminars & Public Speaking

DeAnna is available to speak at or host events. Below are her most recent speaking engagements & topics.

  • Retreat to Wellness Seminar – Seminar on how to achieve total balance & wellness in your personal and love life for the new year.
  • The DIVA Center – Seminar on How to Find, Catch & Keep any Man
  • NCL (National Charity League) – Seminar on Dating & Confidence for Young Ladies
  • The VIP Professional Small Business Group – Seminar on How to use the Law of Attraction to Attract Love & Success
  • The Challenged Athletes Foundation, Charity Date Action – Hosted & Emceed large fundraiser
  • The Sock Club Women’s Dating Support Group – Seminar on Successful Dating Strategies for Women
  • The Rotaract Club of Downtown San Diego – Seminar on How to Successfully Date & Attract Love for the Busy Professional
  • The Divorce Pampering Support Group – Seminar on How to Successfully Heal, Move on, & Transition back into the Dating Scene after Divorce

Recent Speaking Topics

DeAnna is constantly conjuring up lots of creative, engaging & informative topics, often tying them into hot topics & current events in an inventive way. She can speak & give quick tips on nearly anything related to dating, love, sex, relationships & confidence, but here are her most recent news topics.

  • Love Styles of the Rich & Famous: The Kardashians, The Obama’s, & More
  • The Video-Game Generation: What are Video Games doing to your Kids’ Relationships & Love Lives?
  • Facebook & Twitter-Dating 101: How to use Twitter & Facebook for Dating
  • Twitter, Social Media & Dating/Relationships: The Implications, affects, on our dating lives & relationships
  • How to Utilize Twitter & Social Media for Dating!
  • The Implications of Google Tracking Device on Dating & Relationships & the Rules for new Technologies
  • How to Create a Winning Online Dating Profile
  • How has this Recession affected Dating, Relationships & Marriages?
  • New Years Resolutions for Dating
  • 10 Ways to Snag a Last-minute New Years Eve Date
  • Holiday/Valentines Gift-giving Etiquette for New Couples
  • Top 10 Worst & Best Gifts to Give your Lover
  • Best Ways to Celebrate the Holidays when you’re Single
  • What Happens when you Date or Marry Across Opposing Political Parties: Can it Work?
  • Top 10 Worst & Best “Pick-up” Lines for Men & Women
  • Men: What your Vehicle says About You – And what Kind of Women does it Attract? (International Publicity Campaign with
  • How the Economy is Affecting your Dating & Love Life
  • Top 10 Reasons why He/She Dumped, Ditched, or Wouldn’t Commit to you
  • Top 10 Creative & Romantic Dates on a Tight Budget
  • 10 Real-life Lessons we can take from The Bachelor Reality Show
  • The 10 Deadly Dating Habits that may be Keeping you Single!
  • “Selfish” is not a Dirty Word: Why “Bitches” & Jerks finish first in both Life & Love

Other Speaking Topics/Seminars/Workshops Include (but not limited to):

Corporate Settings & Events

  • How to use the Law of Attraction to Succeed in your Relationships & Career
  • How to Turn your Business Plan into a Romantic Marketing Plan
  • Effective Goal-Setting, Visualization & Strategic Planning to Advance in your Career
  • How to Strengthen your Workplace Relationships for Greater Productivity & Job Satisfaction
  • How to apply Feng Shui Principles in your Office to Enhance Productivity, Happiness & Success—and Attract MORE of it within the Company
  • How to Successfully Balance Work, Life & Romance for Greater Success in all Areas
  • How to Recognize Self-Limiting Beliefs & Overcome your Roadblocks & biggest Fears
  • How to Effectively Communicate, Collaborate, & Negotiate with Co-workers
  • How to Develop & Unleash your Inner Leader
  • Setting Performance Goals & Holding yourself Accountable
  • How to Unlock your Creativity & Use it to Get Ahead
  • How to Sync with the Opposite Sex
  • How to add Momentum to your Dating Life for the Busy Businessman

Women in Business, Young Women & Teen Girls (Presentations can be easily adapted for the audience age)

  • Effective Visualization, Goal-Setting, & Strategic Planning to Advance in your Career
  • How to Create & Maintain Successful Relationships & Dating Life
  • Women’s/Young Women’s Empowerment & Confidence-building
  • How to Successfully Balance Work, Life & Romance for Greater Success in all Areas
  • How to Recognize Self-Limiting Beliefs & Overcome your biggest Fears so you can reach for the Stars
  • How to Unlock your Greatest Desires so you Can Pursue your Passions & achieve your “Ultimate” Success!
  • What Ever Smart Girl Should Learn about Dating & Relationships before Going off to College
  • How to Develop & Unleash your Inner Leader
  • How to turn your Business Plan into a Romantic Marketing Plan
  • How to have Greater Success with Men, Dating & Love while maintaining your Successful Career
  • And many more.

“DeAnna’s magnetic presence, wide breadth of knowledge and natural ability to seamlessly adapt to any audience makes her a desirable speaker to have at any organization or event. As relatable as she is charismatic, she always delivers her content in an engaging, inspiring and humorous manner, leaving audiences empowered and educated!”

Have DeAnna speak at your next event for one of her many unique topics! Exciting Corporate Coaching packages also available, ask for more details. CONTACT DEANNA

DeAnna’s Upcoming Media Appearances & Interviews




For all Media/Press Inquiries, Spokeswoman or Interview Requests, Contact:

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DeAnna Lorraine for Product Promotion & PR

How can The Dating Coach help YOU sell or promote your Product?

DeAnna has experience with product PR and is known for her creative ideas, her versatility and ability to easily connect with a given product or company’s specific audience and demographic. Articulate, attractive, energetic and an incredibly engaging spokeswoman, DeAnna can bring the sizzle, sexiness and credibility to organizations who want to associate a product or campaign with romantic success, sexiness, ubber-confidence, dating success, romance, and love. Particularly:

  • What better way to promote a Dating Service or product to enhance dating success than to have it endorsed and recommended by a professional Dating Coach? Or perhaps a movie-screening or singles event.
  • DeAnna can readily sell a product that’s designed to enhance Attraction, Confidence & Sex Appeal (such as a designer fragrance lingerie line, Body Spray, Deodorant, etc.) by talking about how as a Dating Coach, she personally recommends the product to all her clients as a must-have success tool before big dates! Winning in the dating game is ALL about your confidence, and it can make or break your dating success.

  • Products/promotions that are designed to be associated with romance or love, having the “Perfect Date, Enhancing your relationship or “winning over” that special woman or man. Such as jewelry, chocolates, diamonds, limo services, lingerie, novelty stores, roses & flowers services, hotels, romantic restaurants, hotels, travel agencies, spas.
  • Products/companies that want to associate themselves with Women Empowerment & Confidence– (DeAnna is all about “Women’s Power” and regularly reaches out and speaks to women to motivate and empower them.

Interested in utilizing DeAnna Lorraine to catapult YOUR campaign?

Click here to email DeAnna or call 1(866) 922-1188

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DeAnna Lorraine is America’s most trusted Dating Coach and Dating expert.