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Dynamic Singles Launch Party!

Launch party of my new singles group, Dynamic Singles! 1/27 from 7-9pm, location still TBD. Men- bring or wear a TIE! And Ladies – wear brightly colored shoes/heels! I won’t say why till you get there, but they will help to break the ice. For this party the ages will be across the board, so 25-60 or higher, just wanted everyone there to meet and mingle and introduce the Dynamic Singles concept. $10 which will include your first drink, and appetizers. It’s going to be a blast.

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KGO Radio Morning News in SF 1/9 7:45

DeAnna will be interviewed on the KGO Radio Morning News show in San Fran with anchors Ed Baxtor and Jennifer Jones at about 7:45 am! She will be discussing how “Laid Off Singles don’t have to Lay Off Dating” – creative ways for unemployed singles to still keep dating during the recession. Check it out.

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How do I get Guys to Stop Dumping Me?

Q: Dear DeAnna,

How do I get guys to stop dumping me or ditching me for someone else? I’m 31, are guys ever going to grow up? Please help, I want to find someone to marry soon and it seems like every guy I’m interested in ends up ditching me.

Sincerely, Catharine

A: Dear Catharine,

First of all, half your problem lies right there in your question. How do you stop “getting guys” to dump or ditch you? You are placing all the power–and the blame–in the guys’ hands. You need to realize that half the issue and responsibility¬† actually lies in you. If this has happened to you two times or more, this is not a mere coincidence; you are either subconsciously or consciously choosing men who are unavailable, disrespectful, or who otherwise do not treat you how you deserve, you may be attracting those types of men with your behavior, or lastly, you may be doing something, or a number of things, to turn them off and cause them to run or lose interest. You’ve really got to take a hard look at where you are meeting these men, and what kinds of traits they all have in common. By isolating those common traits you can get a clearer picture of what kind of guy to stay away from in the future and what red flags to look out for. Then look within yourself. Are there are common patterns or behaviors, or things that you’ve done with all of these guys that may have led to them deciding to ditch you? Did you perhaps come on too strong, act jealous, needy or too available too soon? Did you sleep with them within the first 5 dates or did you wait until you were exclusive with them? These types of behaviors can all send men running. Put all these elements together and you should be able to figure it out. Good luck,


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Singles Events!

Hear me Speak @ the Retreat to Wellness Fair!1/09

Go into the New Year with a fresh start and a more balanced, rejuvinated, prepared and successful you! Come to the Retreat to Wellness Fair from Friday, 1/09 till Sunday 1/11, come all 3 days, come 2 days or just stop by for 1, and enjoy 7 amazing presenters, authors Life Coaches from different specialities of health, wellness, spiritual health, etc. give brilliant presentations on how to overcome your roadblocks, get “unstuck” and achieve total wellness, balance and success in all the different areas of your life. I am one of the presenters and I will be presenting on Saturday morning (1/10) from 9-11am on how to overcome your hidden roadblocks in your love life and achive total success in your personal relationships, dating and love life. So come check me out! Let this be the year to make it happen and finally accomplish all that you want to. This 3-day seminar will get you going into the new year feeling great. If interested please contact me to purchase tickets to this amazing event; limited tickets left so purchase asap!

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