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The #1 Way Women Kill a Guy’s Attraction & Interest!

Hey Ladies, do you ever wonder what you may be doing wrong with guys that push them away? How do you get a guy you like to want to commit to you? Watch my new video on this dating mistake 90% of women make and learn how you may be unknowingly turning good guys off.
Please share if you find valuable, and share your thoughts! Good luck ladies 🙂

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Blog DeAnnas Dating Blog

#ManCrushMonday tips: 2 Ways to be IRRESISTIBLE to Men!

Happy #ManCrushMonday! Ladies… what Man are you crushing on today? And why? It’s a great day to acknowledge the things you love about Men, and the men you love in your life. And if you’re single, make this your day to take action on attracting your man crush or a new crush and forward it into a relationship. Every Monday from today onwards I’ll be sharing some wisdom & quick strategies for you to help you attract and keep your Mr. Right, pronto.

And if you want further personal coaching on how to attract – and keep – your dream man, as a special gift to encourage your success with men, I am offering all of my Instant Man Advice coaching’ sessions and Psychic Love Readings at 50% OFF if you book them on Mondays. Just share one of my tips on Facebook or Twitter using hashtag #ManCrushMondays to share the love. Woohoo, Cheers to you and other amazing, love-worthy women around the world landing the epic relationship of your dreams!

And now, check out today’s video to learn 2 Easy Ways to make you Irresistible to Men.  And this is especially speaking to women who are successful, strong and fierce (like me), who sometimes wonder if they may be intimidating the men they want. 🙂 Go try these out with men this week, and let me know how it goes! 

*If you want to book a personal Coaching consultation with me (via Skype or phone) to discuss the current state of your love life and see if one of my proven coaching or matchmaking services will get you on the right track, submit this Dating Needs Assessment form, and we’ll schedule your call promptly!
DeAnna Lorraine xo

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Biggest Mistakes Women make when TEXTing & Calling Guys!

Do you ever get confused as to what how you’re supposed to go about Texting, calling or communicating with the men you’re dating?

Do you call? Do you text? Do you send a freakin’ telegram? What the heck do you do these days and what is going to garner the best response?

Well I deal with this all the time with my clients, especially lately as new forms of communication seems to keep popping up, so I recorded my Video this week to cover this exact query – “Biggest Mistakes WOMEN make when Texting & Calling Guys!” Watch the video on my Blog to get my whole scoop on that.

But here’s the summarized snapshot of my coaching on that:

While you don’t want to be TOO eager and be waiting by the phone for your new love interest’s call or text during the week and reply instantly all the time, you also don’t want to teach him bad habits either, ‘train’ him the wrong way, or turn him off unknowingly.

If a guy does call you during the week, you should call him back within a few hours, or no later than 24-hours the VERY latest. If you miss a guy’s call several times, and then you opt to reply to him by texting him instead, then you are teaching him to NOT call you from now on and that you want to be texted instead. So, he will forget about calling you after that. And that’s not really what we want now, is it ladies?

And if he texts you during the week, it’s important that you remember the following 3 things:

  • Pick up on the cues from him when he is trying to flirt with you, be sarcastic or playful. And PLAY along with him! Be flirtatious and warm when you text him back. Play back into his sarcasm or sassiness, and throw some cute sass back at him.
  • Do NOT be a cold fish when he texts you – Cold, dry, dull, and non-responsive to any playfulness or humor that he tries to throw at you. Do not be too ‘professional’ and formal in your texts – again, boring! Guys will lose interest quickly because they’ll conclude that YOU’RE not interested, or that you are just dull.
  • And don’t wait more than 12 hours, or 24-hours at the most to text him back. Don’t be ‘too busy.’ If you wait TOO long to text him back, all the time, he will start to give up because it’s just too much work chasing you. Let him be the man, and do his thing. When you are warm, friendly and responsive, he is able to have the confidence to try to move things along with you faster and start making plans for next dates, etc.

Make it a little easier on him to keep the connection going during the week, and be excited to make plans to see you again! (SEE full VIDEO & BLOG post here)

Good luck ladies, and let me know how it goes!

(*I coach my clients about this in much greater depth in my Women’s Date Coaching programs (1-on-1, Skype and Group Coaching) and in my Women’s “Become a modern MAN-MAGNET” 3-Day Dating & Attraction Bootcamp, coming up in the Summer! If you want to learn more, contact me today to schedule a 1-Hour free Dating Strategy Session’ over the phone so I can talk to you personally about your situation and your goals, and get you set up with the best coaching solution for you. )

~Your Partner in Dating Success,

DeAnna Lorraine xoxo

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Is your 1st IMPRESSION unknowingly Turning Men off??

Do you not seem to be getting the kind of men that you really WANT?

Are you not getting 2nd or 3rd dates – or committed relationships – with the guys that you’re really interested in?

Are you a smart, successful woman of substance who has it all together but you feel like you get passed up a lot for the young bubbly Barbie Doll?

What’s the DEAL here, and what can you do?

You’re a great person with a lot to offer, WHY are these men not seeing that?

Well, here’s one major place to look – How is your APPEARANCE and FIRST Impression on your Date?

Your Appearance, Image and First Impression may be what’s been primarily holding you back from attracting the guys that you really deserve.

Like it or hate it, it’s a FACT of nature: All Men are VISUAL creatures! That’s just the way they were wired from millions of years ago and they were wired that way for the purpose of reproduction and survival.

And WHAT all men are powerfully attracted to at the most primal level are women that exhibit a high level of: Femininity, Beauty, Youthfulness, & Health. (I can go into the longer version of why this is at another time)

What sparks a Man’s initial interest in a woman is SEXUAL ATTRACTION

What keeps it going for the long-haul is Compatibility.

But, he will look for the compatibility only later after he knows he is truly sexually attracted to you.

 So a man’s brain (and penis!) will either light UP when he sees you… or nothing will happen, and if nothing happens, then he just ISN’T going to date you.

Do NOT make the mistake of thinking or hoping that you can get a man to want to date you or fall in love with you based mainly on your hilarious sense of humor, your Mensa-level intelligence, your amazing success, income or accomplishments, or your really SWEET and loving, big heart.

Sorry to break the news to you sister, he just won’t.

And also, if you’re one of those women who tries to come off really CONSERVATIVE and basically Asexual – totally “buttoned up” both physically and energetically – and essentially closing off any sign of you being a sensual women who is capable of having sex because you want to make sure you’re not “putting it out there” and you want to prevent your date from (God forbid!) thinking about sleeping with you or lusting over you…

Well That won’t work either!

You shut off all your natural womanly sensuality, and that’s just what you’ll get in return – a platonic guy FRIEND who is unable to feel sexually attracted to you.

Many women, especially very driven, successful career women I encounter in my coaching practice are like this at first – very “closed off” & uncomfortable with putting out any kind of sensual or sexual vibe.

“A man should not be thinking about that while he’s getting to know me!”

She might think. And so she “wraps it all up,” so to speak.

And I also know many women who relate to themselves as more of a “TOM-BOY.”

They’re always hanging out as one of the guys, they love their sports and recreational softball team…  they love their beer and hate girly drinks, and they can’t stand heels or cute dresses…

Then, they scratch their heads and wonder why they’re 35 years old and still single – and can’t seem to keep a man interested in them romantically.

Well if you fall into any one of those categories, here’s what I have to say to you:

Stop being Weird! Stop pretending like you’re not a sexual human being with a vagina!

Stop resisting the fact that men are attracted to pretty women who look good and smell nice!

Stop pretending like guys aren’t thinking about sex when they’re on a date with you and it isn’t an important factor in their ability to feel attraction for you, because it IS!

Just STOP resisting it!

And start acting, looking and dressing like a feminine WOMAN on your dates.

Just because you’re wearing a cute dress, some heels and you delicious perfume doesn’t mean a man’s going to jump across the table and molest you or something. LOl.

But when you look hot, there’s just a high percentage that he’ll think you’re hot and he’ll be ATTRACTED to you.

And yes, that’s what you WANT.

You don’t want to go to the extreme and look like a skank of course; Tastefully pretty is always the way to go – but you DO want to dress cute enough in outfits that fit well on your womanly curves, and ideally wear a dress/skirt and high heels.

Because when he first looks at you, he’ll be looking for whether that attraction “switch” jumps on or stays put, so you’ll want him to think, “WOW, she’s hot!” (And this goes for guys of any age, it never changes 🙂

Because if he thinks you’re attractive when you first walk in, he will already like you and WANT to like you,
so he will already be looking for positive things in you throughout the date to try to keep reaffirming his first image of you being an attractive woman that he should keep seeing – 

And he won’t be looking for negative things or flaws in you – or, he’ll typically be more forgiving of them at least.

You’ll just have the odds of him wanting to see you again higher and stacked in your favor if he’s already physically/sexually attracted to you.

So ladies, I hope that makes more sense as to why it’s SO important that you doll yourself up and make an awesome, attractive First Impression on your dates and interactions with men, and why it can ruin your chances with great guys if you don’t.

And I hope you also now know the value of looking attractive and a little sexy, and acting like a WOMAN!

**We go much more into depth developing your attraction and dating skills with men and unleashing you inner Femininity in my Women’s Date Coaching programs & upcoming Weekend Attraction Bootcamps. If you’re interested in finding out what’s been standing in the way between you and having the relationship of your dreams – and you want to manifest YOUR Soulmate this year – Submit this brief “Dating Needs Assessment”, and we’ll schedule a time to talk!

your Friend & Partner in Relationship Success,

DeAnna Lorraine 🙂

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