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LOTS This Week: San Diego Living, 91X, FOX 5!

Watch the San Diego Living show Tuesday morning, 2/10 at around 9am on Channel 6 (San Diego local). I will be on the show discussing how to “snag an Online Date on Deadline” and giving some valuable online dating tips, Do’s & Dont’s, along with the before and after of a real online dating profile makeover. We will also be doing a giveaway – 1 lucky viewer will receive an Ultimate Online Dating Makeover package! If you want to enter the contest, simply email me with a few sentences explaining why you’re online dating experience hasn’t been so hot, and why you so badly want to find a hot date asap! I’ll select the winner on Thursday who deserves it the most based on their story.

Other Media Appearances this week:

  • Wednesday, 2/11: FOX 5 San Diego in the morning: “The New Rules on Google Tracker, New Technologies & Dating.”
  • Thursday, 2/12: 91X The 91x Morning Show with Mat Diablo (radio): Valentines Special Dating Segment! Tune in between 9-9:30am
  • Friday, 2/13: SignOn San Diego radio (The SD Union Tribune Station): Into the Night with Dave Coddon @ 11am-12pm.
  • Friday, 2/13: CBS News 8 at 11pm – a Profile news segment about me & my services
  • Saturday, 2/14: Happy Valentines Day!! Come to the Channel 933 Broken Hearts Ball at On Broadway – I’ll be giving out dating tips and mini coaching sessions to listeners and attendees with AJ’s Playhouse.
  • I will also be at the Valentines Love & Fashion Event at the SIN Nightclub, from 6-9 or 10pm. Fashion show, dating tips, boutiques, and lots more prizes and fun swag. This is a great place to go for both single women AND the smart men who know that anytime there’s a fashion show somewhere…there’s an abundance of single women! Contact me for more details about any of these events.
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Contests & Promotional!

CW Channel 6!

Wednesday, 12/10 on The CW San Diego 6! Catch me on between 8:15 and 8:30 in the morning show live with the news anchors giving you the total much-needed 411 on giving gifts to your new girlfriend or boyfriend for Christmas and Valentines. I’ll be telling you what those gifts are that men and women should NEVER give their lover for holidays; What gifts are appropriate and inappropriate for the length of time you’ve been dating (1 month gifts are very different than 3 and 6 months gifts), What gifts to avoid like the plague, & which ones will land you a trophy for ‘Best Husband/Wife.” Plus, what do you do when you JUST started dating someone…and then there’s a holiday like Xmas & V-Day, and Real life examples of awesome gifts and atrocious gifts from lovers.

Full Upcoming Media Schedule for December 08

  • Wednesday, 12/10 at 8-8:30am on the CW San Diego 6 : Christmas Gift-Giving Do’s & Don’ts for Men & Women. Visit the Media Room later in the day to watch the clip if you missed it.
  • Thursday, 12/11, 6-6:30pm on AM 1000 (KCEO): The Dating Coach Confessional (My OWN radio show!). I’ll be discussing the topic of whether men and women can REALLY be “just friends,” without anything sexual getting in the way. Special Guest author Charles Orlando, author of “The Problem with Women…is Men.”
  • Friday, 12/12: “Into the Night” with David Coddon, SignOn San Diego Radio! I’ll be on The San Diego Union Tribune’s own radio station, SignOn Radio, on the show Into the Night on Friday from 11am-12 discussing dating and holidays, more essential gift-giving tips and more!
  • Wednesday, 12/17 at 8:30am: AJ’s Playhouse on Channel 933. Live with San Diego’s favorite morning radio show, AJ’s Playhouse, tune into hear my December dose of dating advice. You can catch me every third Wednesday of the month on their show giving dating tips & answering listeners questions!
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