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New Video: How to be more of a “Marriage Material” Woman!

Ladies, check out my new video to hear me talk about 1 big reason why men see some women as more “Marriage-Material” women that they are eager to commit to, and why many other women they just see as a temporary girl that they’ll be with until someone better comes along – and they won’t fully commit to. This element is something that could be missing for you YOU in your relationships with men! Check it out and leave your comments & feedback below. 🙂


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Women’s Teleseminar: Inside the Male Mind: Dating, Relationship & Sex Questions answered!

Hey fabulous Ladies,

I want to personally invite you to a very special Teleseminar I am leading this month, THIS Wednesday, August 31st at 12-1pm (PST). The topic this month is on:

Ask DeAnna: All your Dating, Relationship, Sex & Men Questions answered!

We are also going to have a special guest on who will add even more insight into the Mind of a Man, my good friend Corey Jenkins, Host of the TV show: “The Male Room – Helping Women Understand Men & Men Understand Themselves!”

This is the 6th &  final call in my exclusive monthly Teleseminar series that’s just for women, “The Art of MAN-ifesting Mr. Right.”

Here’s what you can expect in this information-packed Teleseminar:

  • Come prepared with any question you have that relates to dating, relationship, sex, or men, or any concept that we’ve discussed in any of my previous Teleseminars. And Corey & I will answer them for you on the spot.
  • I will also be answering any pressing question or dilemma you are are having right now with the current GUY you are dating, someone you are interested in dating, or the man that you’re in a relationship with. If you’re having a problem or dilemma and you need some fast advice, this is the time to get it!
  • It will also be very informative for you to hear questions from other women and hear my advice and answers to them, as you will most likely be able to relate.
  • “Decode your Man” – Tell me the issue, and I’ll tell you what he’s really thinking!
  • Special Guy Guest Corey Jenkins, Host of the hit Internet TV Show “The Male Room”

I highly encourage you to join the call this month, it’s going to be a lot of fun and information and you’ll be sure to learn a lot!

In order to join the call, you must register HERE:

Then you will be sent the call-in #.

Again, here are the details:

When: August 31st, 12-1pm PST

Where: Call-in (# will be sent to you after registering)

Why: Because you want to be more successful in your dating & relationships with MEN!

Cost: No charge. This is my complimentary Teleseminar series for women

Please feel free to forward this invite along to any friends or family members you know of as well who are eager to get married or get into a serious relationship this year.

Thanks, and I hope to “see” you on the call THIS Wednesday, August 31st!

Your Dating Coach & Romance Resource,

DeAnna Lorraine

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Deanna Lorraine is an internationally-recognized and San Diego Dating Coach

DeAnna Lorraine is a Dating Coach and dating expert.

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Dating Dilemma: Are my Insecurities scaring Guys off?

See my answer to this girl’s Dating Dilemma in the video below!
Dear DeAnna, I have a lot of awesome first dates that end awesome and guys are interested. But the following morning or day, I get anxiety because I want to hear from them asap. I have a hard time being casual at that point and need reassurance that they are interested for some reason. I know guys won’t just divulge that right away. I have made the mistake of texting and calling them and behaving a little frantically when I don’t hear from them and I feel like I kill the interest/desire… What do I do??

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Factors Men look for to Determine “Marriage Material” Women!

How do Guys Determine whether a Girl’s “Marriage Material” or not? Well they look at  a lot of factors, either consciously or subconsciously, that helps them determine whether a girl is “marriage material” ~ someone they feel is worth it to take the plunge and be their partner in crime for the long haul with…. Or a girl who’s just more of a “temporary” girl that they’re just keeping around for the time being. Of course, the chemistry and connection that a man has for a girl goes a long way in that more “gut-level” feeling to determine if he wants to marry you or not, but that certainly doesn’t account for everything and he looks at other factors too. Hey, you can’t blame him – it’s a huge decision! So if a man has been with you for a while and it seems to be dragging on or it feels as if he’s still “on the fence” about you, some of these factors may be at play as to why he isn’t totally certain yet that he wants to marry you. Here are 6 of those common factors…Complete with Cheesy video & props! Blog below:

1. Your Appearance! Do you look GOOD and is it important to you to look good, stay healthy, and be in good shape?  Do you value keeping yourself fit & taking care of your body, your  Hair and Skin, etc? Or do you have a tendency to “let yourself go” in relationships, dress sloppy, and get a little TOO comfortable?

2. Your HOME, and how you take care of it and upkeep it: Can you show that you can make a house a warm, cozy “Home”?

3. Your Spending Behaviors, your credit, etc: Are you irresponsible with money, or are you frequently burdened with financial troubles? This can pose a red light for him.

4. Whether you COOK or not. Marriage-ability points go up for this! Ladies, get in touch with your inner femininity and domestic side. A lot of women these days resist cooking…Why? I don’t care what age we live in, It’s great to be able to cook for your man, and he appreciates it.

5. Your sense of Adventure: Do you show him that you can let your hair down and cut loose, have fun, and be adventurous? Or are you Ms. Conservative Cathy all the time?

6. Your MOM: Dum, da dum dum…. How is your mother? Obviously there are some things we just can’t control, but if you have any control over it, really try to make sure your mother is looking & dressed as best she can when she’s hanging out with your man, and has a good attitude, because like it or not she is a reflection of YOU, and men often look at your mother to help them gauge how YOU will end up aging if he marries you… (Too bad they don’t have “Rent-a-Mother” services, huh? ; )

Good luck my girlfriends! Love, DeAnna

Any Questions? Share your Questions, Comments & Thoughts BELOW!


DeAnna Lorraine is a San Diego dating coach and International dating expert.

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