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What you Can Learn from The Bachelor about How Women Sabotage their new Relationships!

So I’m watching my guilty pleasure the other night, The Bachelor (yeah, yeah, I only watch a few “Reality” shows like this for education and analyzing purposes only!).

And I’m watching as this season’s studly Bachelor, Ben Higgins, navigates his way through trying to get to know the plethora of single ladies vying for his heart, one painful conversation at a time.

I love seeing how all these poor women go about trying to impress him and compete for his attention – it’s like a trainwreck I can’t help but watch.

But the show, as silly and dramatic as it can be sometimes, does help to illuminate some very real patterns, issues and challenges that pop up for people when they are dating and entering relationships.

The fact that the show is so fast-paced and intense magnifies the sub-conscious issues that lie beneath the surface of so many single people that keep them sabotaging their relationships.

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Are You Wearing “Man Repellent??”

Are you not getting a lot of second dates because guys aren’t calling you back?

Are you finding that the guys you like suddenly aren’t interested in you, and you have no idea why?

You may be wearing “Man Repellent” and you don’t even realize it! (See my full Video on this and Blog post for more details tips on this)

As a well-seasoned women’s Dating Coach I find that so many of my female clients wear this invisible Man Repellent, and the most repelling form that it comes in is when a woman projects an underlying current of negative, cynical energy.

Take a look at where this energy is coming from in your life: Have you had a string of bad dates recently? Are you letting your past experiences with guys bring you down, or generalize and write off all guys as either dumb, boring, players, or jerks?

Or is there something in another area of your life – maybe family or career – that’s spilling over and poisoning your love life?

Well ladies, the guys can only do so much. You need to look inside, find these sources of negative energy, and eliminate them!

Guys may be initially attracted to your looks, but the kind of quality man you deserve is not going to stick around if you’re taking away more of his positive energy than you’re adding. The kind of quality men I know want a woman who exudes a real POSITIVE energy and zest for life – one they can picture laughing with, taking on fun adventures, and who’s a real joy to treat well.

Do you want just any boyfriend, or do you want an amazing, REAL  man who’s going to make a damn-good husband??

Projecting negative energy, you might get a guy, but good luck keeping him if he knows his worth! Most likely he’ll likely be a shallow guy who doesn’t care if you’re happy, who’ll sit around and be no fun (or worse!), and you’ll be selling yourself way short with any relationship that might develop. I hope you believe in yourself, because any woman can learn to project the kind of fun feminine energy that attracts – and keeps – a quality man.

So ladies, flirt and be fun, and most importantly, have fun, and be positive, whether it’s online or in person. You attract what you put out, so if you want a positive man in your life, be warm and don’t be afraid to smile around him!

Good luck ladies, and let me know how it goes!

(*I coach my clients about this in much greater depth in my Women’s Date Coaching programs (1-on-1, Skype and Group Coaching) and in my Women’s “Become a modern MAN-MAGNET” 3-Day Dating & Attraction Bootcamp, coming up in the Summer! If you want to learn more, contact me today to schedule a 1-Hour free Dating Strategy Session’ over the phone so I can talk to you personally about your situation and your goals, and get you set up with the best coaching solution for you. )

~Your Partner in Dating Success,

DeAnna Lorraine xoxo

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