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Find your Love Match! Come to the ‘ZODIAC Singles Party’ TONIGHT in SD, 8/16

Find Love in the Stars at the first-ever ‘Zodiac Singles Party!’

So, what’s your sign?? Did you know that every person’s astrological sign (Gemini, Taurus, Leo, etc.) has their own unique traits & behaviors, and they have 1 or 2 other signs that they are known to be very attracted to and make highly compatible romantic matches with?

Join us for a fun evening hosted by San Diego’s Dating coach DeAnna Lorraine and Lucky7Match who will use your SIGN to bring you highly compatible romantic connections! At various stations throughout the venue (party will take place on the beautiful rooftop lounge of the W. Hotel in San Diego, underneath the Summer stars!), we will group singles by their astrological “signs” together with other people who’s signs are proven to be highly compatible with. You’ll also have conversation cards, decor and other things at your station to play with that are characteristic of your signs. The goal is a high probabiliy of matches and romantic connections happening in one night!

At the very least, we’ll have great friendships & connections develop because we’ll be mingling only with like-minded women & men who are totally compatible with each other, and think and act like each other, too!

*Hosted appetizers at the event, drink specials for our guests, a raffle prize getaway to Cancun and an amazing night with compatible singles on the rooftop of the W., underneath the stars! *Primary AGE Group: 20s, 30s, 40s.
*You don’t want to miss this premier event! CLICK to see more details and REGISTER
(Register online to take advantage of the lower ticket price; Price jumps to $25 if you wait to pay at the door). 
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Dating SEMINAR & Mixer: April 24th at Mosaic Wine Bar!

dating coachHey Fabulous Singles! I am excited to tell you about a hot new monthly dating Seminar series I will be leading in San Diego that you will want to come to every month!

RELATIONSHIPS: Raw & Uncensored” is a series of LIVE Seminars and mixers (I’m calling them “Semin-ixers”) that I will be leading one night a month, where each month I will be exploring with you a different Dating, Relationship, & Attraction-related topic that is going to help you dramatically improve your success with dating and master  your relationships with the opposite sex. After each 1-Hour seminar, I then open it up to an open “Mingling & Networking,” where you are encouraged to stick around for a while, have some wine and food, and meet all the great single people around you. These seminars are designed for professional adults who are interested in meeting great, high-quality people and attracting and maintaining quality, extraordinary relationships.

Another unique feature that makes these monthly Seminars a must-attend event are that they are CO-ED, so there is already a built-in panel of men AND women in these seminars with lots of group-interaction, so you will learn so much about how dating, attraction and relationships really work for the opposite sex and walk away with a lot of “uncensored,” inside information and strategies & real practice that you cannot get anywhere else. Plus you’ll enjoy some great food and wine, and meet new friends & potential dates. These seminars are designed for adults who are single or dating, as well as those who are in relationships and want to have them reach their full potential.

*REGISTER for the NEXT Seminar: Tuesday, April 24th

This Month’s TOPIC: I’m Successful, Smart & a “Great Catch” ~So WHY am I NOT in the Relationship of my Dreams??”

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Women’s Teleseminar: Inside the Male Mind: Dating, Relationship & Sex Questions answered!

Hey fabulous Ladies,

I want to personally invite you to a very special Teleseminar I am leading this month, THIS Wednesday, August 31st at 12-1pm (PST). The topic this month is on:

Ask DeAnna: All your Dating, Relationship, Sex & Men Questions answered!

We are also going to have a special guest on who will add even more insight into the Mind of a Man, my good friend Corey Jenkins, Host of the TV show: “The Male Room – Helping Women Understand Men & Men Understand Themselves!”

This is the 6th &  final call in my exclusive monthly Teleseminar series that’s just for women, “The Art of MAN-ifesting Mr. Right.”

Here’s what you can expect in this information-packed Teleseminar:

  • Come prepared with any question you have that relates to dating, relationship, sex, or men, or any concept that we’ve discussed in any of my previous Teleseminars. And Corey & I will answer them for you on the spot.
  • I will also be answering any pressing question or dilemma you are are having right now with the current GUY you are dating, someone you are interested in dating, or the man that you’re in a relationship with. If you’re having a problem or dilemma and you need some fast advice, this is the time to get it!
  • It will also be very informative for you to hear questions from other women and hear my advice and answers to them, as you will most likely be able to relate.
  • “Decode your Man” – Tell me the issue, and I’ll tell you what he’s really thinking!
  • Special Guy Guest Corey Jenkins, Host of the hit Internet TV Show “The Male Room”

I highly encourage you to join the call this month, it’s going to be a lot of fun and information and you’ll be sure to learn a lot!

In order to join the call, you must register HERE:

Then you will be sent the call-in #.

Again, here are the details:

When: August 31st, 12-1pm PST

Where: Call-in (# will be sent to you after registering)

Why: Because you want to be more successful in your dating & relationships with MEN!

Cost: No charge. This is my complimentary Teleseminar series for women

Please feel free to forward this invite along to any friends or family members you know of as well who are eager to get married or get into a serious relationship this year.

Thanks, and I hope to “see” you on the call THIS Wednesday, August 31st!

Your Dating Coach & Romance Resource,

DeAnna Lorraine

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If the above form is not working for some reason, you may also register by sending an email to Deanna@DeannaLorraine.com and include your name and phone #.

Deanna Lorraine is an internationally-recognized and San Diego Dating Coach

DeAnna Lorraine is a Dating Coach and dating expert.

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Mens Group Date Coaching begins August 4th!

The Men’s “Get the Girl”

Group Date Coaching Program

Be wildly more successful with Women & Dating THIS Year!


This is a powerful and results-driven Group Coaching program, which is designed to overcome your obstacles and issues that have been holding you back & keeping you single, develop the confidence, dating, attraction and relationship skills necessary to have a dramatically improved and successful dating life, and meet quality, ideal women. Together, we will create and execute your personal Dating Game Plan so by the end of the 5 months you will either be in a relationship… Or be successfully dating lots of quality women.

DETAILS: We will work in an intimate group setting to create a synergistic, inspiring and supportive environment with other men of similar ages who share the same dating/relationship goals. The group is kept small and intimate (only 6 participants maximum) to allow for the most quality and personalized coaching experience. All sessions are also recorded and available for download via MP3 afterward in case there are any missed sessions.

Location: convenient weekly 1-Hour Tele-classes (Phone or Skype), which allow you to participate from anywhere in the world.

Duration: 5 months (just about the duration of a school semester)

What we will cover in this amazing course…

Phase I. The “Inner Game” – Developing a solid & irresistibly attractive foundation

  • Discover the ROOT cause of your lack of success with women – as well as your limiting beliefs & subconscious blocks that have been preventing YOU from being successful in finding love – and eliminate them once and for all

  • Develop stronger core Confidence & magnetic “Inner Game” that will dramatically enhance your ability to attract women

  • Enhance your Masculinity and Natural Sex Appeal

  • Get crystal CLARITY on what you truly want in your Ideal Woman

Phase II. The “Outer Game” – Developing you into an ultra-Desirable, High-Value package

  • Maximizing your Physical appearance, Personal Style & Image to attract high-quality women

  • Draw our your unique Traits & Personality, Charisma and sense of Humor, and Enhance your overall Attractiveness to multiply your options of women

  • Strengthen your Alpha Male traits & Masculinity

  • Enhancing other life areas that can be improved for greater overall “Romantic Market Value” & Desirability, including your Home, Career, Social life, Financial situation, Weight/Body. We will set and achieve these goals together.

Phase III. The Dating & Attraction Game: Strategy & Application

  • Develop your “6-Month Dating Game Plan” which will outline specific weekly action steps and will include both offline & online dating strategies, places and activities in your own life that will have you meeting and dating LOTS of quality women that are your type. This will serve as your personal step-by-step blueprint for meeting and dating women; We will execute it together with the group each week and track your results and progress together.

  • Learn the necessary Dating, Attraction, & Relationship SKILLS necessary to attract women and maintain the relationship of your dreams:

Dating Skills:

– Learn where to Meet the ideal, Quality Women YOU are looking for

– Build dating and meeting lots of quality women into your schedule and lifestyle easily and naturally – and make it fun.

– Master all the dating stages, from the first date on. You’ll learn exactly how to Act & What to do ON & In-between Dates in order to succeed with them, as well as successful Date Planning & preparation. You’ll be able to successfully progress through all the dating stages, from the first date to the sex to the casual dating stage to a committed relationship.

Online Dating Skills:

– You will learn how to master the Online dating scene – How to successfully search online, how to best communicate, ‘flirt’ and engage online to greatly increase your response rate & dates. Create a winning profile that gets women’s attention and generates lots of messages and dates.

Masterful Approaching Skills:

You will overcome your Approach Anxiety and eliminate any lingering fears or nervousness you have about approaching women! In just a few weeks you will learn how to approach women anytime, anywhere, be able to create stimulating and engaging conversations, get their phone numbers, and ask them out.

Attraction Skills:

– You will know how Attraction REALLY works for women and learn the Psychology of it; How to create it, Escalate it, and Sustain it over time throughout the relationship. You also need to know the things you commonly do to unknowingly KILL her attraction and interest and turn her off. I will teach you how to truly the art of powerfully Attracting women, seducing them, gaining her respect, and having them hooked on you over all the other guys.

– You’ll Learn how to create instant Chemistry in your dates and interactions with women & develop masterful Flirting and Seduction Skills that will make you irresistible in her eyes. No longer will women place you in the “Friend Zone” and tossed aside!

– Learn the art of Seducing women and being an amazing lover: Skills for Kissing, Foreplay, Sex, and Romance.

– Understand Female Psychology, How to truly communicate and connect with women & how to Satisfy their hidden needs and desires in a way that separates you from 95% of other guys and makes them eager to want to be with you. Learn How to not only “hook” girls but MAINTAIN their attraction.

Successful Relationship Skills:

– Learn how to differentiate between the “right,” compatible partners for you, and the very WRONG girls who will end up wasting lots of your time.

-You will learn the skills necessary to develop and maintain a successful, healthy, passionate relationship and sustain attraction and excitement over time.

– Discover the fatal Dating Traps & mistakes that men most commonly make early in relationships that turn women off, push them away, or otherwise sabotage it.

~ Group Coaching Course Details ~

Course Fee: *$349/Month (special)

(**only until July 25th – rate increases to $449 if you sign up after 7/25)

Frequency: (4) 1-hour Sessions/month

Location: Phone/Teleclasses

Duration: ~6 months

NEXT course Start Dates: August 4th (Registration now open!)

Maximum Clients: Only 6 clients maximum per class!


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