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The #1 Dating Mistake the Smartest Women Make!

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Hey Girl! My blog post & video this week is especially written for my fellow fierce and powerful ‘Work-a-holic’ sisters… Watch my accompanying video here on this here where I go into this more at length:

Are you committing this deadly dating sin that is sabotaging your ability to find your future husband? This is a trap that I see so many women fall into that I just had to talk to you frankly about it.

Workaholism is really a hidden form of procrastinating dating. You keep yourself so busy going after your career goals that you pretty much shut out dating & finding a relationship.

You SAY you want a relationship or marriage…. But you MAKE and keep yourself so darn busy that you don’t have any room in your life for even dating or finding a relationship! Or maybe you’re the kind that says, “I want a Relationship or marriage.. SOMEDAY… But I’ll be ready as soon as  I accomplish … THIS first…”

(Fill in the blank with whatever new arbitrary milestone you’ve set for yourself)

“As soon as I… Become Partner… Break into the triple digits… Get my business thriving… etc.”

But then, years will quickly pass when you do this, and many great available men will slip by you.. And by the time you finally wake up and tell the world, “Ok, NOW I’m ready to start dating! Come get ’em, hot men!”

You may be past your prime and you’ll be unpleasantly surprised that all the great men that you thought would suddenly be knocking at your door for you now that you’re ready, are actually not.

The pool of good available men for you will actually slim down pretty significantly as you increase in your 30s, and a lot of guys are already married or taken.  Or I hate to say it, but many of them will be looking for younger women… as annoying as that fact is.

The older you get as a woman, the more challenging it gets to date and find The One.  

Don’t fall into the trap I commonly see of thinking that you can’t have both – a thriving career AND a thriving love life… You can have it ALL! You are amazingly powerful. You’ve just got to start making love a priority.. And start NOW. You must start carving out some time during your week for “me” time – your time to focus on your well-being, and especially, on meeting me, dating, and finding your future Husband.

So go get your cute ambitious butts out there ladies, and let me be your partner in empowering you to do that if you need some help! I always set my Workaholic women clients straight ; )

With Love, DeAnna

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