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Tricks for “Baiting” a Woman into a First Date!


* Plant SEEDS in your conversation with her.

Drop little seeds or “dots” that you can later go back and “connect” when asking her to hang out with you. But don’t invite her right away when you mention these things – Instead, try to “Bait” her  into suggesting the plans or inviting herself into becoming part of those plans FIRST, which will help increase her excitement and commitment to a date when you later suggest it. Better to have her be in a state of “hoping” she will get a date with you then expecting one. For instance:

  • Weaving into the conversation that you just started getting into Salsa dancing, and you’ve been going out to some really cool Salsa clubs lately. In fact, there’s a really great one that you’re going to next week…
  • Dropping in that you’re a huge fan of wine-tasting and wine bars, and you love exploring new ones. There’s a new wine bar opening next week that’s supposed to be really cool…
  • Name-dropping your love for live music; Oh and there’s an awesome band that’s playing next Thursday that you have tickets to…
  • Your new love for Hookah bars… Auto shows…. Sailing… Hiking… Museams… Social media… Whatever! Just plant lots of seeds, see what shes into and what she catches on to that you can connect and bond over, and use that as your bait to hook her into a first date.

* Make sure you Engage her Friends

When you get her phone number and leave, her friends should be excited for her that you got her number and be rooting for you guys to meet up later; not be wondering who that creepy guy was. To a woman, our friends’ approval for the men we dates is very important to us! Try to make her friends laugh, engage them, have fun with them as well and make them feel good, don’t just focus solely on the girl you’re interested in.

Have Fun!


DeAnna Lorraine is a San Diego dating coach and dating expert.

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