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“Deanna is the real thing regarding the most vital aspect of every adult’s life: how to attract and maintain romantic love.
She is insightful, kind, articulate, and creative. She is very innovated and talented and actually makes the dating process fun. When you meet her in person it is clear that she has mastered the art of attracting the opposite sex. You can spin your wheels, throw your money at a date that goes nowhere, or hire Deanna and get results.” –
Caren B., 44. Attorney at Law, San Diego, CA

“I whole-heartedly recommend doing Coaching with DeAnna! I am the happiest I’ve ever been. What a great decision it was to work with her.” – Patina Edwards, 46. Marketing Consultant; Orange County

“The Breakthrough Session with DeAnna is one of the most powerful transformation processes I have ever experienced. In 8 short hours I had multiple breakthroughs that would have taken years of normal Therapy. Every area of my life has changed radically for the better since the breakthough session. Expect major transformations and results in a short amount of time with DeAnna.” -Kate L., 34; Marine Biologist; La Jolla, CA

I always liked before and after photos. In this case, I can’t really make a before and after picture as it wouldn’t mean anything. So I’ll describe it! BEFORE: Quiet, insecure, embarrassed of myself, felt unworthy, no game, severe approach anxiety, miserable, depressed and lonely. The term ‘pathetic’ can summarize. I know that’s harsh but it’s true. AFTER: Yeah, I’m awesome. That whole sorry list has pretty much turned a 180. Quite honestly, I need to stifle myself because my budget can’t sustain so many dates. My weekends are usually booked when the last weekend ends. I haven’t yet found someone I can really spend a lot of time with, but I’m OK with that – over the past 6 months I have dated more women than I have in the rest of my life combined, and I’m having fun with it. Additionally, I’m more extroverted. I’ve always been a wallflower up until now: didn’t have many friends, didn’t go out much, and kept to myself. I haven’t yet fully gotten the ‘alpha’ down to a science, but I’m working on it as my persona is still evolving. Either way, I’ve noticed drastic changes and so have my new friends. In a nutshell: night and day difference. – Adam L., 32; Software Engineer; San Diego, CA.

->Update: Since writing this Adam is now in a very happy relationship with an amazing girl who is a full-time model and also self-proclaimed “closet nerd”  and enjoys the same interests as Adam.

The day I decided to get coaching, I thought to myself do I really need this? I’m smart, successful, not bad looking, active, but obviously the things I thought should be working in the realm of dating and relationship were not working. So I found Deanna and decided to take the plunge and journey out of my comfort zone and learn to do the things that would bring me better success in the world of dating and relationships. I remember the day we had our first session. I was a completely shy guy, very much stuck in my own head and really did not know how to express myself. Today, I barely even know that person. Through the help of the many breakthrough sessions that Deanna and I had with each other, I’ve become more confident with not just women but also in the work place and basically everywhere I am. Everything in life really came together when I finally decided to take charge of this area of my life and not put it off until the right time, because now is always the right time to do anything that helps to improve you as a person. Thanks Deanna, the coaching sessions go way beyond teaching one dating and relationship skills, they help to shape one into a more attractive, well-rounded individual and I’m glad you were there to help me find my way. Coaching experience was a 10. It was good to know that there was someone there to whip me into shape if I slacked off and because of that accountability & constant learning I’ve learned so much more than I normally would have about myself and attracting women. –David E., 34; Chiropractor. San Diego, CA

–> Update: Since writing this David is now in a relationship with a woman who he claims is his “dream woman” and he believes he will marry.

I don’t know how DeAnna does it, or where she got this gift, but she’s got it that’s for certain. When I first started working with her I was definitely apprehensive, especially because she looks pretty young and I just wasn’t sure about the whole date coaching thing. But before the first session was over all my doubts were ceased, within weeks of working with her I was already noticing changes in my behavior, and in my confidence level. Then opportunities just started opening up for me and with her coaching and executing her strategy every week I started meeting so many women. It was like I was invisible before and she turned on a light in me and I was suddenly made visible. Bizarre. She also did some Hypnosis with me and integrated some techniques in her sessions, which again I was skeptical about at first, but helped me feel much more confident socially with meeting and talking to new people, especially women. She also worked to bring out my masculinity and “alpha male” traits more, which I didn’t even realize were an issue before, but the weird thing was that with all these things she did with me, the positive responses/results kept coming in so I knew it was working. Before 6 months was over I met my goal of having a full dating life with good prospects in my “pipeline” and being confident and successful with attracting women. Just follow her program & do what she says, that’s all I have to say ha! – T. Spitoli, 35; Vice President of Communications; San Diego CA.

Put it this way – 4 weeks ago I was the shy guy who hung out in the corner and missed countless opportunities due to my severe “approach anxiety.” Fast-forward to last weekend, I walked out of the bar on Saturday with a hot girl on each of my arms, on Sunday I made a date with a beautiful girl I met at the airport and I have another date this week with a girl I approached at Starbucks on my lunch break. With DeAnna’s Coaching my confidence and skills are growing to a point where it’s becoming effortless and natural to approach and talk to women. The funniest part is that my friends are now starting to come to me for advice on dating and approaching women because my changes have apparently been so noticeable!”

– Keith V., 36; Engineer; San Diego, CA

“Coaching with DeAnna has given me a new-found sense of confidence and greater level self-esteem. I now have the confidence to approach women in almost any situation, and actually take it to the next level with most of the girls I’m interested in.

–R. Taylor, 38., Land Developer; Melbourne, Australia.

“The most important thing I gained from this experience is now having the confidence and skills to be able to choose who I want to be with and have quality options. Previously, I didn’t really choose my relationships and would settle for just sub-par women, or whomever would pursue ME… Now, I have more dates with quality women that I’m actually interested in and attracted to. And at the time of writing this, I am now about ready to take it exclusive with one woman in particular I’ve been dating who’s really got the ideal qualities I’ve been looking for and I can honestly see a future with.”

-Patrick O’Brien, 26., Research Scientist; London, UK.

I met Deanna Lorraine about a year ago and recently and I had the opportunity to have her coach me. During this process I noticed that I was unclear of what I really wanted and this one session helped me to become much more clear & set things in motion. Now, 1 ½ months later I was able to attract the right person and I am looking forward to see where it grows from here. Thanks Deanna!!!”

Stephen T. Jones, Author; Mission Valley, CA.

I never thought it would be possible to find love after being widowed at 64. DeAnna, I owe my dating success to you. You are truly a gem and a gift to this Earth!” -Mindy T. 66, Retired Teacher; Client for 8 weeks.

“DeAnna is an amazing coach. She has completely changed my outlook on dating. I’m no longer waiting for “something” or “someone“ to happen. She has given me the tools, confidence and charisma to make it happen for myself.” -Veronica. M., 29; Fitness Instructor; San Diego, CA

“I’m not sure what you did but ever since our sessions I’ve been getting the most amazing results in my dating search! In just 1 week I’ve met 2 of the greatest guys who fit all my ideal qualities; a dramatic shift from my seemingly endless dating drought before! Thank you, DeAnna.” -Eliana U., 58, Counselor; Client for 4 Weeks.

“Things are awesome over here! My success with women has really been improving, so much in fact that my friends are suspicious and asking questions because they don’t understand the sudden shift.”
-Bobby C., 29, Software Engineer; Client for 6 weeks.

“I’ve been successfully approaching women everywhere, in ways that I would have NEVER done due to my former anxiety. And it’s completely dumbfounding my friends, who are witnessing my transformation!” –Joshua E., 34, Doctor; Client for 6 weeks.

“Everything I learned was super valuable! I would say the things that have made the biggest difference in my dating life are the sessions on clarifying my “Dream Partner” lists, learning & applying the CHARISMA Formula, & understanding how to keep a man interested & attracted.” –Alecia P., 30; Marketing Dr., Client for 8 Weeks.

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