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What your Halloween Costume says about You!

So ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys… It’s that time again, time for the wonderful Holiday of Halloween! I happen to love Halloween for many reasons (Watch the video below to see why!) Its a fantastic time (and excuse) to express ourselves in different ways, and really have fun exploring different sides of ourselves and playing different roles. I think women especially have a very fun time dressing u. But is Halloween really just an excuse – as many people claim – for women to dress as sexy and slutty as possible, and get away with it? Well… I kind of think so! But that’s okay. Hey, its just one day, why not? (Continue article below)

With that being said,I’ve taken a look at the most popular costumes for women to dress up as, and analyzed them to break down what the costume really says about the female wearing it! Because believe it or not, a costume can speak a lot about a woman’s intentions and what she is looking for. So here’a a little guide (very handy for men – you may want to carry this in your pocket) so you can see what you may be getting into when you bump into a girl wearing one of these costumes:

A ‘sexy’ Ladybug or Bee costume – This shows she is fun and flirty, but doesn’t want to be too promiscuous and ‘put it all out there.’

Naughty nurse or French maid costume: This is typically a girl that is confident and comfortable with her sex appeal, and not afraid to use it. This girl is out to seduce a man and get frisky with him – and may be happy to pull out all the stops to make sure she gets him!

Bristol Palin, a Jersey Shore character or a ‘Real Housewife’ – This girl has a great sense of humor and is more into dressing up for fun and to get laughs rather then to be sexy and get a man.

Witch costume – This girl is most likely frigid and uptight… And not going to be a whole lot of fun.

Bonnie and Clyde – or another kind of “His and Hers” costume: This means she is presenting the couple to the world, and is committed to her man. She wants her relationship status to be known.

Bettie Page, Katie Perry, or a rock star – A costume like this usually means she is interesting, unique, and rebellious and will make for a very fun night full of surprises and random adventures. Watch out though, she may get you in trouble!

Princess costume – A costume like this probably indicates that she is prudish, conservative and traditional. A “good girl.” Possibly uptight. She’s probably not going to get positive attention but may be good wife material.

A Cop costume: This woman is probably on a power trip, and wants a good excuse to bring out her inner dominatrix and boss people around! She will probably be a ball-buster and prefer to be in charge and on top. If that’s the kind of woman you want.

Agree or Disagree? What will YOU Dress up as? Share your comments BELOW!

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Upcoming Mens Live Dating & Attraction Seminar in San Diego!


DeAnna’s Power Attraction Summit for Men: Mastering the Art of Attracting, Dating & Seducing Women is an intensive weekend training seminar for men, limited to only 8 men maximum, in order to get the maximum experience and one-on-one support from myself. Reserve your seat to this exclusive course, they will go fast!



In this information-packed, 3-day coaching course, I’m going to show you the BEST ways to meet, date, and attract women, and especially, beautiful, intelligent, high-quality women. YOU will be the one that gets her!

You’re going to learn the secrets most men will never know about women and dating… but NEED to.

And you will learn it right from the source.

I’m the woman that’s going to give you that honest, MUST-KNOW inside information into the minds of women that you have been wanting for so long and the complete female perspective that you NEED in order to truly BECOME successful with women and UNDERSTAND them and CONNECT with them.

You’re going to learn how to ‘trigger’ attraction and chemistry with women, and sustain it over time

You’re going to ELIMINATE your fear of rejection, no matter how unsuccessful you’ve been in the past

You’re going to learn to eliminate your ‘Approach Anxiety’ with my easy & proven 5-Step Easy Approaching Strategy so you’ll be able to approach any woman, anywhere.

You will truly build your CONFIDENCE from the inside-out and develop a powerful, SEXY personal identity that women cannot resist.

You’re going to learn the most dangerous mistakes men make with women and dating that land them in the ‘Friend Zone.’

I’m going to show you how to masterfully FLIRT and how to use eye-contact and body language so that women RESPOND and WANT you

You’re going to walk away with Fool-proof methods of getting a woman’s number, starting and carrying on conversations with them, piquing their interest right away, getting called back, and securing dates with them.

You’re ALSO going to learn a special, specific set of strategies & skills for how to meet and pick up women in BARS & CLUBS… And we’re going to actually go out and practice it.

You’ll learn all the 411 of Online Dating and how to SUCCEED with it and get all the dates with the women you want

You’ll learn how to MASTER the 1st, 2nd & 3rd dates and beyond, how to act and what to do ON and IN-BETWEEN dates in order to succeed with women and escalate the relationship into a Romance; Plus all the 411 on perfect Date Planning & preparation

You’re going to learn how to stay OUT of the dreaded ‘Friend Zone’ for good and always land in the ‘Romance Zone.’

You will ‘Unleash’ your inner ‘Alpha Male’ and strengthen your Masculine presence and the traits women seek out in a man

I’m going to show you the BEST ways to meet, date, and attract women, no matter how beautiful she is or how many other guys are wanting her. YOU will be the one that gets her!

…And more.

We will use some proven Hypnosis and NLP techniques, Role-play exercises, and other fun, powerful and proven methods of installing these skills and tools within you and transforming you into a woman-magnet from the inside-out.

It’s all in this exclusive 3-Day Course

If you have the money to take this course – DO IT. There is no excuse not to and you will thank yourself for it over and over.

And if you don’t have the money to take this course… Find it! Beg, Borrow, or Steal. I promise you this will be worth it.

If you’re in or around Southern California…. You will want to make it here.

And if you’re not… Get your butt down here!

VENUE: The gorgeous Clubhouse at the Del Mar Shores Terrace, overlooking the beach bluffs of Solana Beach

*SPECIAL Early-Ticket Price! Hurry, Sale ENDS  May 31st (or sooner if seats are gone!)


~ Seminar Agenda ~

Day 1: Friday: 4pm-7pm

“Mindset Shift Day”

Introduction & Overview of what’s to come for the weekend

Part I. Lies & Myths about Women: Breaking your Beliefs

Adopting the Mindset of a true Alpha Male

Day 2: Saturday: 10AM – 5PM

~ Refreshments & light Snacks included ~

Part II: Developing & Solidifying Total Core Confidence and “Inner Game”

–      ~ Confidence, Self-Image, Identity, Self Improvement

Part III: Developing & Strengthening Your “Outer Game” (Romantic Market Value):

  • Maximizing your Physical Appearance, Style, & Personality (Social Skills, CHARISMA, attractive Sense of Humor)

  • Maximize & Enhance your overall Attractiveness & “Marketability” by maximizing any other major ‘Life Area’ that needs improvement such as: Career, Income, Physical  Health, Weight, Personal Relationships, Social, etc.

  • Critical Mindset & Belief System Shift: Unleash your inner “Alpha Male” & Sexy Masculine Presence (and strengthen it)

Part IV: Developing & Solidifying Your ESSENTIAL Skills:

  • Approach Mastery! You will overcome your Approach Anxiety and eliminate any lingering fears you have about approaching women! You will learn my proven 5-Step Successful Approaching Strategy to approach any women anytime, anywhere, and always know what to say to attract them, get their numbers, and get the date

  • Unconscious Communication with Women: Discover what they really want, What subconsciously Attracts them & drives them, How they communicate, relate & ‘Operate,’ What they unconsciously want & need in a man, How to satisfy their deepest desires, communicate & connect with them on a level that most other men can’t; How to totally succeed with them

  • MASTERING your 1st Impression: Excellent Conversational, Social, Rapport-Building Skills, and mastering your 1st Impression. You will learn how to communicate and connect with women easily and effortlessly, understand what YOUR first impression you make is and master it so you can be confident walking into any interaction or date with a woman.

Day 3: Sunday: 11AM – 3PM

~ Refreshments & light Snacks included ~

  • Advanced Attraction & Seduction Skills: Mastering the Art of Attraction & Attraction Skills: You’ll learn how Attraction REALLY works for women, How to build it, Enhance it, Sustain it and What kills it. Learn how to create instant chemistry, attraction and ‘Staying Power’ with not just any women but high-quality, attractive women you want.  Master the art of Flirting and create a memorable 1st impression in her mind.

  • Interpreting Women’s Body Language, Communication & Behavior: You will be able to read their body language and facial expressions, “Indicators of Interest,” how women (especially HOT, hi-quality women) “test” from the moment they meet you and throughout the dating stages to determine if she wants to keep dating you or not, and how to spot out and PASS their most common tests to come out a winner and signal to her that you’re the man she wants to date, sleep with, and be with!

  • Masterful “Seduction” Skills: You’ll discover What women REALLY want in a Lover (it’s probably a lot different than you think); When Kissing, and in Sex, & Foreplay, How to master the art of Romance & Enhancing your OWN Sex Appeal

  • AMAZING Dating Skills: Master the 1st, 2nd & 3rd dates and beyond. Learn How to Act & What to do ON & In-between Dates in order to succeed with women and get past the ‘Friend Zone’ and into the romance zone; Plus all the 411 on perfect Date Planning & preparation


You will then graduate to become a bona-fide sexy, confident Alpha Male

~ Tickets ~

Get your Seat now, you do NOT want to miss this incredible opportunity! Seminar seats are limited to 8 maximum & will sell out quickly.

Reserve your Spot!

Reserve your Spot!

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Do you want Free Life, Dating or Relationship Coaching?

♦ Do you have a Dating, Relationship, or Life dilemma, issue or question that you would liked SOLVED or answered by a professional Coach, for free?

Are you in a relationship and you are having issues with your partner, and would like free professional Coaching to help you resolve the issue(s)?

Are just getting back into the dating scene after a break-up or divorce, or a long time away, or are just about to begin your dating or Online Dating process, and would be interested in getting free professional coaching along the way?

A San Diego based, nationally-recognized and professional Dating, Relationship & Life Coach Coach and Talk Radio Host of her own advice-based show is looking for people or couples who would like to go on her radio show (either in studio in SD or call in by phone) as a guest and have her coach you, give you advice, or otherwise help you solve your dilemma, challenge, or issue, over the air. This is similar to a “Dr. Laura” or Loveline type dating, life & relationship-related talk show. We are looking for interesting, challenging or even bizarre cases and dilemmas, so don’t be shy! You do not have to use your real name if you come on the show.

We are also filming a series of TV episodes, or ‘Webisodes’ since they will be online, and are looking for participants to be in those as well. Again, we are looking for people who fall into any of the following:

  • – Have a dating, relationship, or life dilemma, issue or question that you would liked solved or answered,
  • – Are in a relationship and you are having issues with your partner, and would like free professional Coaching to help you resolve the issue(s)
  • – Are just getting back into the dating scene, or just about to begin your dating or Online Dating process, and would be interested in getting free professional coaching from her, an online dating profile makeover, etc. in exchange for her recording your progress along the way (This would be FUN! Ask for more details).

So If you’re having a roadblock or issue in any area relating to your dating or love life, your relationship, or your career, or your life in general, and you would like to get free help and coaching on the issue, this is an awesome opportunity for you. You will get top-quality coaching from one of the best Relationship Coaches in Southern California, for free!

Some Examples of Issues, Topics or Dilemmas you can get coaching or advice on include:

  • Dating/Relationship/Sex/Marriage-related dilemmas or issues
  • Weight-Loss
  • Enhancing your Confidence
  • Enhancing your Motivation & Productivity
  • Developing more Sex-Appeal & Overall Attractiveness and ‘Inner Game’
  • Helping you more successfully Attract the Opposite Sex & Get lots more dates!
  • Resolving your Relationship Issues
  • Having a major Breakthrough in your Relationship, love life, or any other major life area
  • Helping you Find a Relationship with your Perfect Match
  • Helping you get over your Ex & move on Successfully
  • Give you a Make-over
  • Teaching you about Body Language, and breaking down your own 1st Impression, How you Come across, and what you can do to improve it so it’s perfect

Please send an EMAIL to: or SUBMIT the FORM below asap if you’re interested in signing up or learning more, as we are scheduling slots this week and they will fill up fast!

Contact DeAnna!
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Check out my Proactive Dating Challenge #2 in this video!

Check out Dating Challenge #2 of my National Singles Week “Proactive Dating” Challenge! (Read Full details about my National Singles Week Proactive Dating Challenge HERE – read the post & watch the explanatory video). I encourage you to do this ‘challenge,’ and if you do it, send me an email or leave a comment below so I know! Have fun

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