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Dating Stories and Random Stuff

DeAnna in Pacific Magazine's Valentines Issue!

DeAnna was among a few select Dating Experts in California that was asked to be featured in Pacific San Diego Magazine’s special February Valentine’s issue and cover story, What is Love, along with Dr. Drew and Tough Love’s Host Steven Ward.Check out the feature story they wrote on her Date Coaching & Matchmaking expertise in the exclusive interview!Pick up a copy at newsstands all over San Diego county.

Deanna Lorraine Pacific MagPacific Mag Cover

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Dating Stories and Random Stuff

Submit your Dating Question, Story or Requests here!

PassionEvery weekend I write a new article or set of tips that I post on Monday mornings. And I create my article or tips for that week based on YOUR questions or Topic Requests that you have submitted to me the week prior! I also use your submissions & requests to formulate my ‘Hot Dating Debate of the Week’ which I begin on Mondays on my Facebook wall (these are FUN if you like heated discussions on interesting dating-related topics!) So whatever Dating, Online Dating, Relationship, Marriage, Sex, Attraction-related questions or dilemmas you have on your mind, SUBMIT them to me here! Have a question about the opposite sex that you really want the answer to or that you want a round-table discussion or debate on? Something frustrating you that you want feedback, tips or advice on? Special Request for my next article or set of tips? Submit them here, and you’ll be notified within the same week if yours will be used. (Please summarize your question/topic as best as possible)

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Dating Stories and Random Stuff

Experience Massive shifts with a Breakthru Session

Call for More Info & Rates: 1 (866) 922-1188

Begin with a Personal Breakthrough Session!

Experience a MASSIVE breakthrough your dating life, relationship, or any area of your life in just 1 powerful session!

Are you feeling “stuck” and stagnant in 1 or more areas of your life? What is that 1 area you’re facing a roadblock in that if broken through would allow you to propel forward & reach your full potential of happiness and success?

        • Is your relationship with your partner or spouse stagnating or growing apart? Are you dissatisfied with your relationship and you’re at the point where you want to make the decision whether to leave or stay?
        • Do you want to enhance your relationship & reignite the sparks, passion and connection like it once was?
        • Do you feel like you’re not where you should be or really want to be in your love life, career, or personal life, and you want to break through everything that’s holding you back at the deepest unconscious level once and for all so you can propel forward?

Experience ultimate Freedom, Power and Happiness with a Personal Breakthrough Session

Your Personal Breakthrough Session with me is an intense, 8-Hour Session (typically takes place over 2 Days) designed for those who want to experience immediate and permanent shifts at the deepest levels in one of the main life areas below. Using a combination of powerful, proven tools including NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis, TIME-Line Therapy™, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), and Coaching strategies used by the worlds top Coaches, your breakthrough session will be a truly magical journey whereby you will regain control of your life and create the massive happiness and success you’ve been wanting so badly. It’s an enlightening “marathon” of personal discovery, achieving crystal clarity and focus, values re-alignment, resolving Internal conflicts and eliminating negative emotions and limiting beliefs, goal-setting, and personal power! Reserve your Breakthrough Session today! You may decide to have a Breakthrough Session by itself, or do a Breakthrough Session first and then continue Date Coaching sessions with me for 1-3 months afterward to solidify your results and changes. If you do a Breakthrough Session + Coaching Combination, you will get a 15% discount on the package (contact me for current rates). I can help you decide what would be the most effective route for you to maximize your results. It is a great idea to start with this because oftentimes its powerful enough to resolve everything and there won’t be any need for coaching anymore.

I Guarantee your results from my Breakthrough Sessions!

Which of the following Life Areas do you want to experience your Breakthrough in?

Marriage or Relationship Breakthrough: (Come together as a couple or Individual)

  • Save and Transform a relationship in turmoil or distress or Enhance & Rejuvenate your relationship, Deepen your Bond & Intimacy and take your love life to the next level
  • Discover each others’ hidden desires, fears, conflicts & true feelings so you can understand & connect with each other on a whole new level & effortlessly fulfill each others needs.
  • Through either an Individual Session or a Couples session, discover your truest desires and get the breakthrough and clarity you need to finally decide whether to leave a struggling relationship or stay together and rejuvenate it (very powerful!).
  • Discover how to communicate to create the highest level of understanding & love
  • Discover your Partner’s unique “Love Strategies” & “Attraction Strategies” so you can understand how they operate, why they get frustrated or unhappy, and how to satisfy each other’s strategies to guarantee a lasting marriage filled with love & excitement for both
  • Re-ignite the Chemistry & Passion in your Relationship so it’s just like when you first fell in love!
  • Get the breakthrough, clarity & courage you need to finally decide whether to leave a relationship that’s no longer serving you or stay.

Dating & Love Life Breakthrough

  • Break through all your limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging patterns and unconscious blocks that have been keeping you where you are and eliminate them for good!
  • Release Negative Emotions or lingering ‘baggage’ from past relationships weighing you down & break free from your fears
  • Conquer low self-esteem at it’s core & replace it with through-the-roof confidence & Empowerment!
  • Drastically Enhance your Confidence, Charisma & Magnetic Appeal
  • Realign your Energy & Shift your Mindset so you’ll be able to attract & manifest that ‘WOW’ love and Soulmate you’ve been waiting for!

You will experience immediate shifts and continue to integrate the changes over the days, weeks and months following our time together. You will break through the problems & challenges at hand and will experience tremendous shift in every area of life due to the massive ripple effect the breakthroughs tend to have, not just the one you focused on. Everything is connected and you get the benefit of healing in many ways which will create a compelling new & vibrant future for you. The Breakthrough Session is a powerful process that will change your outlook, your results, and your life!

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Call 1(866) 922-1188 or fill out the form below to book your Breakthrough Session today or to request a Free Phone Consultation to learn more about them and get current rates!

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Dating Stories and Random Stuff

Be in the 'Tweet ur Heart out' Date Auction!

The “Tweet your Heart Out” Charity Date Auction!

Sponsored by @TheeDatingCoach & @DowntownRob at Stingaree

  • SEE all the Event Details!
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Details on the “Tweet your Heart Out Charity Auction Tweetup“: Now – Sept. 17th

DETAILS: We’re doing a whole new twist on the old charity date auction… ‘Twitter style!’

Twitter will play an integral part of the 4-week event as it will serve in facilitating YOUR participation in it and driving everyone to the live event, which will be the culmination of it! Basically we are going to find & select 16 of San Diego’s “most eligible” single men and women on Twitter, and then through a 4 week campaign, find ‘matches’ for them, who will be revealed and ‘voted’ on by YOU at the culminating live event/Tweetup at Stingaree!

Selecting the 16 most “Eligible” Bachelors & Bachelorettes in San Diego (must be on Twitter!). We will be selecting the Bachelors & Bachelorettes over the next two weeks, from the pool of people who have submitted their entries to us (For details or to be entered in the running as 1 of the Bachelors or Bachelorettes, CLICK Here!) The Bachelors and Bachelorettes we select for the auction will be a mix of ‘average’ San Diego singles along with some local high-profile persons & Personalities!

When the Bachelor/ettes have been selected, they will be revealed and ‘showcased’ HERE on this page, on with their photos, names, & ‘vital stats.’

The “Courting” Phase: August 28th-September 10th. Then over the next two weeks, we will invite everyone to check out the Bachor/ettes that are showcased, and you are encouraged to ‘apply’ to win a date with your favorite Bachelor or Bachelorette! Interested prospects will submit your names and info and picture, along with the “ID #” of the Bachelor or Bachelorette they are applying for, through a simple form set up on the webpage.

“The Matching Phase” : September 10th-17th. After the 2 weeks of “courting” are up, which will be a week before the event, we will go through all the submissions of those who have bid on/applied for dates with the Bachelor/ettes, and select the TOP 3 ‘Finalists’ for each Bachelor/ette (based on the Bachelor/ettes ideal ‘criteria’ that they gave us in the beginning!).

The Live Event & “Voting”! THEN…on September 17th, we will have the live event/Tweetup at Stingaree! The main highlight of the party will be, of course, the live showcasing of the Bachelors & Bachelorettes, where they come up on the catwalk one by one as the EMCEES (DowntownRob & DeAnna Lorraine) run down their bios and ‘vital stats.’

And then, the most exciting part will be what comes next – the “Unveiling of the Matches” –The EMCEES will bring unveil the “Top 3” ‘matches’ or candidates that they have selected, for each Bachelor & Bachelorette (no one has seen who the finalists are yet).

In a fashion similar to ‘The Dating Show,’ the candidates will go up on stage centered around their corresponding Bachelor or Bachelorette, and ‘compete’ by answering some fun trivia questions or other requests by the Bachelor/ette at hand. And based on their answers & how they act, the audience will vote for who they think would make the best match and win the date along with a fabulous Date Package from sponsors!

With that said…Now accepting applicants for the Bachelor/ettes of The Month!

“Courting Period”: August 26th – September 10th. When you will “Bid” on your favorite Single!

Actual Live Event & Tweetup: Thursday, September 17th at Stingaree!

Questions about anything? Want to contact the organizer?

Call: (866) 922-1188 or EMAIL and we will respond promptly

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