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Tricks for “Baiting” a Woman into a First Date!

* Plant SEEDS in your conversation with her.

Drop little seeds or “dots” that you can later go back and “connect” when asking her to hang out with you. But don’t invite her right away when you mention these things – Instead, try to “Bait” her  into suggesting the plans or inviting herself into becoming part of those plans FIRST, which will help increase her excitement and commitment to a date when you later suggest it. Better to have her be in a state of “hoping” she will get a date with you then expecting one. For instance:

  • Weaving into the conversation that you just started getting into Salsa dancing, and you’ve been going out to some really cool Salsa clubs lately. In fact, there’s a really great one that you’re going to next week…
  • Dropping in that you’re a huge fan of wine-tasting and wine bars, and you love exploring new ones. There’s a new wine bar opening next week that’s supposed to be really cool…
  • Name-dropping your love for live music; Oh and there’s an awesome band that’s playing next Thursday that you have tickets to…
  • Your new love for Hookah bars… Auto shows…. Sailing… Hiking… Museams… Social media… Whatever! Just plant lots of seeds, see what shes into and what she catches on to that you can connect and bond over, and use that as your bait to hook her into a first date.

* Make sure you Engage her Friends

When you get her phone number and leave, her friends should be excited for her that you got her number and be rooting for you guys to meet up later; not be wondering who that creepy guy was. To a woman, our friends’ approval for the men we dates is very important to us! Try to make her friends laugh, engage them, have fun with them as well and make them feel good, don’t just focus solely on the girl you’re interested in.

Have Fun!


DeAnna Lorraine is a San Diego dating coach and dating expert.

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Attraction, Seduction & Inner Game DeAnnas Dating Blog

Why he Disappeared – Or Chose the OTHER Woman over You

Thought you had a great date with a guy…But then he never called? Or perhaps you were dating a guy and you thought everything was going swell… But then he suddenly went MIA or he ditched you for someone else? Well, men look for certain things in the early dating stages and if the guy you were into suddenly disappeared or ditched you for another woman, here are some of the most common reasons why…

Why a man would choose another Girl over you:

  1. She was in better physical shape, or looks better all around. Remember men are VISUAL creatures! Physical appearance and body upkeep is #1 on their Attraction Radar. This is especially important if you’re a woman over 30 to make sure you’re in very good shape, your body is toned and fit, and your style is put-together, feminine and flattering on you.
  1. She was more of a challenge – And if YOU were too available and into him. When a man is choosing between women, he will always be much more drawn to a woman that poses more of a challenge to him, and doesn’t put it all out there for him to see right away. Ever notice how in The Bachelor, the poor (but dumb) girls who always cry and pour their hearts out to him, proclaiming their love for him…Always get dumped at the end?? That’s not a coincidence.
  1. She was more exciting & FUN– and seems more adventurous. There’s nothing more appealing to a man than a great woman who knows how to relax, let loose, and have fun. You can do this through playful teasing, flirting, and being unpredictable (in a good way). Women who project an image that’s too conservative and rigid will extinguish a man’s interest in you for a long-term potential.
  1. She was more confident & emotionally stable. If you are displaying insecurities and projecting a low self-image, a man is going to choose a more confident woman over you, and he is going to place you in the “Temporary” category.
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Attraction, Seduction & Inner Game DeAnnas Dating Blog

How to Tell if a Woman is just Using You

Guys, want to crack the woman-code for whether a girl is really into you or not? Don’t fret, I’ve got your back. Don’t fall into the trap of being used or strung along as “just friends!”  If you have a hard time decoding a woman’s true intentions, I’ve come up with a handy little list for you of some tell-tale signs that a woman is just using you, or otherwise is NOT into you for anything romantic or sexual. Read and watch, guys. And I always invite you to share comments or questions below, or shoot me an email!

The 6 Signs…

1. She often flakes on you or reschedules plans (especially if she doesn’t usually offer up an alternative time to get together).

2. She doesn’t seem like she wants to be ALONE with you or do anything “romantic” with you. Maybe she suggests inviting friends whenever you suggest doing something alone, or she scoffs at your ideas to plan things that are more romantic.

3. She asks you to DO things frequently for her, or do favors for her; like loaning her money, feeding her cat, copying off your homework, hooking her up with nightclub passes, etc… And she isn’t as willing to do the same for you.

4. She won’t sleep with you and avoids kissing you or getting physical. Maybe she makes up excuses why she can’t (“I have a headache” is a classic one) or finds other ways of conveniently skee-daddling out of your romantic/physical overtures.

5. She is hot and cold. Some days she’s being affectionate, complimenting you and buttering you up, telling you how great you are, and then other times she is cold and distant. And often the times when she’s nice and affectionate, it’s conveniently when she wants something…

6. She calls you a lot to talk or vent or cry, or just to kill time, and you’re there for her. But whenever you talk to her about dating or taking your relationship to the next level, or ask her what her feelings are about you, she tries to avoid a discussion or she says she likes you but she is just “confused” and “doesn’t want to rush anything.”  (On a side-note, NEVER let a girl talk to you about ANOTHER guy!)

Have you seen these signs with girls you’ve been into before? Share your experiences & feedback below!

Best of Luck, Tigers!

Love, DeAnna

DeAnna Lorraine is a San Diego dating coach and American’s #1 female Dating expert & attraction guru.

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