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5 Ways to Dress Sexier for your Man!

Women rejoice, 2012 is all about finding your inner goddess. It’s high time to drape yourself in sexiness from head to toe. Between the saucy book trilogy 50 Shades of Grey and the man-tastic film Magic Mike,” women across the country have decided to break free from their formerly demure shackles. Lingerie is hotter than ever, and women are being rewarded for their risqué new choices. The forecast in 2012 says . . . dive into everything from lacy camisoles to bodystockings, it’s time you explore more boudoir-boosting faire.

Try Lingerie That Enhances The Sexiness of Your Clothes

Dresses today are often seen as wearable works of art from the daring backless ball gown to the plunging neckline of the negligee. Style Magazine asserts that in 2012, lingerie has decided to rise to the occasion our clothes crave– working with them seamlessly to enhance our sex appeal. There are plenty of bras and panties on the market today that are specifically designed for those couture ball gowns.

An Innocent Spin on a Sexy Staple

According to Design Taxi, artists are looking into creating a Disney Princesses lingerie line. Think: Cinderella and Pocahontas in all their Disney glory, straight from your childhood dreams — but in fun, cute, sexy lingerie pieces that suit your favorite character. While you may be too old to don full on princess regalia for Halloween, you can still enjoy a secret, fantasy princess indulgence.

Classic Doesn’t Have to Skimp on Sexy

Take a time machine back to the days when Marilyn and Bettie were frolicking on the beach, the embodiment of beauty. Glamour Magazine states that high-waisted, sheer panties are a wonderful way to get that vintage look without giving up the sexiness we have come to enjoy. Give your partner a night out of the 1950s without compromising the sex appeal 2012 has to offer.

Black is Always the New Black

Is black ever out of style when it comes to lingerie? You can never go wrong, even in 2012, with a bra and panty set that’s a little dark and revealing, perhaps dripping in sheer lace and slathered in swirls. This is a perfect lingerie look that anyone can rock,  no matter your preference or body type. This elegant look will never go out of style, so go ahead and splurge on your dark side.

Bold and Bright Behind Closed Doors

Whether you are choosing a hot pink lace-up ditty, or the bodacious boldness of  bodystockings, bright is taking over the bedroom. Forget dainty pastels and shy, drab white. This year it’s all about being loud and proud. Imagine all your favorite lingerie sets — camisoles, nightgowns, teddies — exploding in the most delicious hues of purple, pink, green and blue. This year, we are not only bringing a woman’s sexuality into the limelight- we are dying it lime green and shouting it from the rooftop.

There is nothing sexier than knowing you are wearing the latest in cutting-edge, sultry undergarments. These lingerie styles will allow you to wear your clothes in the best way possible, while adding unhinged spice to your nightlife.

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Do you Scare Men off by trying to “Micro-Manage” your Relationships with Them?

dating coachAre you a Woman who’s guilty of being “The Manager” with the Men you date?

In other words… Do you tend to be the one who initiates the dates with guys that you meet? Or you try to plan the dates, move them along, plan out the details for the dates like what restauraunt you’ll go to, what you’ll do and when you’ll be meeting up next?

Do you take matters into you own hands when you haven’t heard from him in-between dates, and give him a call or text so you can see what’s up for the weekend and make plans for your next date, rather than waiting around for him to call? Do you take it upon yourself to let him know what your feeling about him and try to move the relationship along efficiently or prompt him to progress things more seriously with you?

If any or all of this sounds like you, my fierce power women friends, you are guilty of being “The Manager” in your relationships with men! And although I’m sure you mean well and your intentions are good, this behavior just doesn’t work with guys (for most guys at least) and usually ends up running them off and leaving you baffled as to what you did wrong. This just happened with a female client of mine yesterday so I wanted to write a post about it because it’s so common with successful, smart women.

Women who are in managerial or powerful positions in their careers, such as Attorneys, Business owners or high-level Executives or managers, are usually the women who are most prone to acting this way in their dating lives – so it should come as no surprise that this is the demographic of women that I work with the most and that often have a lot of challenges with attracting men. They often try to “manage” the guys that they’re interested in as if they were a project with deadlines and goals!

It’s understandable – You’re driven, organized and assertive and you know how to get things done! You’re a pro at making things happen and getting results. You run your life and careers in this efficient and organized way and you are great at achieving your goals and being successful because of it! I know because I am one of those women. So you think you can go about dating the same managerial kind of way.

Your goal is a committed relationship with a man, and you want to orchestrate it so that you can get to that goal as quickly and efficiently as possible. You’re not a girl who waits around for things to happen, you take action on what you want and you make things happen, whether that’s picking up the phone to call your guy for a 2nd and 3rd date, prompting him for “status updates” on how he feels about your and where you guys stand, or putting together the plans or asking him when you’re going to meet his parents. Basically acting as if a committed relationship with him were a sales goal that you’re eagerly trying to close!

But what you have to understand is that a relationship with a man has to cultivate organically, naturally, and largely at the pace of the man, in order for it to be lasting and successful. Guys move at their own pace and often it’s a little slower than the women’s. But they want to be the ones who are leading the progression of the relationship; They want to feel like they are the ones “hunting” you in a way, and that it’s their idea and desire to be in a relationship with you.

If you as a woman is the one who tries to initiate everything and push him along the relationship, he is going to likely feel pressured and forced, and resent you for it. By you trying to steer the relationship and & progress things along before he does, he’s not only going to feel like you’re too desperate and eager which will lower your perceived value, but he will feel like your feelings are stronger and deeper for him than his are for you and it will cause him to pull away and take a step back, so he can evaluate his feelings for you.

This will usually result in a lopsided relationship if anything, where it will be a constant cycle of you pressuring him to get more serious and committed, trying to convince him to feel more strongly about you, and him pulling away and getting distant from you.

Whereas if you let the guy come to his own conclusions about his feelings for you, and on his own time, and you let him have the chance to progress things along with you before you try to beat him to it, you will get a man who appreciates you a lot more and is much more committed because he’ll feel like his feelings and ideas about committing to you were HIS own, not yours being pushed onto him. When a man feels pushed or pressured into a relationship he will usually just shut down and pull away… And re-evaluate things.

So as hard as it may be for an assertive go-getting kind of woman like you to let go of the reigns, you’ve GOT to resist the urge to micro-manage the relationship in your efforts to progress it along and let the man take more of the lead here, at his pace & initiation.

Of course you should be letting him know you’re interested and into him and be enthusiastic on your dates and communication with him, because if he’s into you that will be the fuel that causes him to move things along with you and pursue a relationship on his own. But leave your Type-A Manager hat at the office, be a little patient, focus on attracting him rather than “selling” him or steering him and you will end up with a much more committed and interested man who wholeheartedly wants to be with you! 

Good luck and let me know how it goes! xo, DeAnna

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DeAnna Lorraine is a San Diego Dating Coach and Dating expert


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Women who Watch “Magic Mike” will Enhance their Relationship?

Should Women go out and watch the movie Magic Mike – to Enhance their Marriage?
(See full Blog post & Video below – share your comments!)

With the ground-breaking erotic novel 50 Shades of Gray bursting onto the scene this Spring and now with the premier of the premier of the sexually–explicit film about male strippers, Magic Mike, both targeting the female population, this new shift in erotic media has created a cultural phenomenon that has generated huge conversation among women – especially middle-aged mothers. This demographic, who has been more reserved in the past, has suddenly began talking very openly and explicit about their sexuality. And as a Dating & Relationship expert I believe this to be a very good thing and can result in a wave of positive benefits to relationships around the world!

I say Hallelujah! Finally it’s women’s turn to enjoy sexual media and fantasies (and gawk at guys’ cute buts and bodies like they have done for us for years, right? ;). The recent popularity of sexual media targeting women With seem to be giving women the Okay to talk more openly about their sexuality and really explore it. I think it’s about time and I encourage women to jump on this sexual bandwagon.

Women, now is the time to really embrace your sexuality and let it all out (in the context of a committed relationship of course; I’m not condoning you being promiscuous, Lol). There is an inner sexual “vixen” in all women and the more you can just tap into it and let her out, the more fulfilling your love life and relationship will be with your partner. Suppressing your natural sexual desires and fantasies or never exploring them is not only unhealthy, but it creates a feeling of restrictiveness in your relationship and results in a very dull, passion-less love life. This is often why many married men sadly end up having affairs and especially cheating with women – especially women like porn stars and strippers; because they feel so restricted in their love life and the sex with their wife has gotten too boring and monotonous.

Men have been watching & reading porn and talking explicitly about sex for years, and I feel like now more than ever it’s time for women to be more open with their sexuality and embrace that sexy part of them.

So HOW exactly does a Woman going to a Strip-Club or reading an erotic novel help a Relationship??

Here are 3 major relationship BENEFITS of Women indulging in Erotic/Sexual Media:

  • Awakens your Sexuality and promotes greater intimacy in your relationship, which can be especially rejuvenating to a marriage that has gotten stale or dull. Because sex is one of the top 3 causes for divorce and cheating, keeping up a passionate and exciting sex life is essential for having a marriage that beats the odds and stays strong for life.
  • Stimulates our sexual desire and encourages women to be more expressive about our sexuality with our Partner. This keeps both partners feeling satisfied and hot for each other
  • Triggers creative & novel ideas in the bedroom and different ways to express ourselves, making love lives a lot more interesting!

Now, here are 5 Easy Ways for Women to Tap into your Sexual “Vixen” – and Enhance YOUR Relationship:

  • Reading Erotic Literature, such as 50 Shades of Gray (either alone or reading to each other!)
  • Going to a Strip Club occasionally or watching erotic movies, like Magic Mike
  • Getting an erotic painting or intimate couples’ Photo Shoot with your partner or solo (Klhoe Kardashian and husband Llamar are among a host of celebrity couples who boast framed erotic portraits of them in their master bedrooms)
  • Going to a Couples-Only Resort, Club, or Class with your partner, such as an Erotic Yoga or Tantra class
  • Expressing and Exploring Fantasies and Ideas on a regular basis with your partner, and promoting a safe, loving and non-judgmental space to share and explore these

So women, go do something positive for yourselves and your relationship and go watch Magic Mike!

Love, your special Love Agent,

DeAnna Lorraine

DeAnna Lorraine is a internationally-known dating coach, dating expert and relationship expert.

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Why do I keep Attracting the Wrong Guys? New Video!

In this week’s Down & Dirty Dating Tips Video for Women, I break down for you the biggest reasons why you keep attracting the wrong guys and relationships that don’t work out – And what you can do about it! If want to enroll in or learn more about my Women’s Date Coaching private or group coaching program, or my upcoming women’s Weekend Workshops, go here to fill out the free Dating & Relationship Needs Assessment and I’ll get right back to you with more info or schedule a call to chat. : )

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