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Which Coaching Service is the Best for You?

Now that you know all of the areas of focus and the different Phases that I coach my clients through, you now get to choose which method of Coaching that you would prefer. I offer several different Coaching service options to achieve your dating & relationship goals. We will choose the right option for you based on your preference, needs and budget: Either my 1-on-1 Private Coaching option (conducted via Skype), my Complete Dating-to-Marriage 6-Month Holistic Coaching & Healing program (my most popular program), my Weekend Intensive Bootcamp, or my Love Empress Online Group Coaching Course option.  (*For Immediate Advice Coaching, “Get your Ex Back” or Relationship Recovery Coaching options, go to this page)

  • “The Dating-to-Marriage Coaching Plan”

    Because my coaching is designed to develop lifelong confidence and relationship skills, and the end-goal is to get you into your relationship of your dreams with your Soulmate while supporting you through each phase of your journey, I will work with you usually for 3 months up till 12 months. Once we start working together, it usually takes us 3-6 months to have you go through the Attraction Phase, go through the Dating Phase, and be actively dating or in an exclusive relationship. *Most women who I coach have met their Ideal Man and in an exclusive relationship with them within 3-6 months. Sometimes it happens sooner than that, and sometimes it can be longer than that though, depending on their readiness and their coach-ability levels. So you should relate to Coaching as something like a Personal Trainer to help you achieve your ideal body, or like a semester of higher education; There are no “quick fixes” out there if you want to achieve lasting success, especially in your love life, and that is why my coaching program is structured this way and why its so reliable in getting my clients the relationships of their dreams.

    OPTION #1: Personal 1-on-1 Coaching with me: (STANDARD Option)

    • HOW we work together: Our Coaching takes place on an ongoing basis; We have 3 (1-Hour) coaching sessions per month, and we have our sessions conducted over Skype/video or phone. You also have support from me outside of our weekly coaching sessions and you can communicate with me or seek my advice if you need to, you get Homework assignments and action steps, and accountability from me all throughout your coaching term to keep you motivated and on track with reaching your big goals that we create for you when we start. We move you through each of the dating phases and develop you in all the areas that you need. And the goal is typically to attract your Soulmate and get into an exclusive relationship with him.
    • INVESTMENT: $675 per month paid monthly.

    OPTION #2: Personal 1-on-1 Coaching with me:

    The Complete Dating-to-Marriage Holistic Program:

    This Coaching option is also 1-on-1 with me, but it is a more “hands on,” in-depth, and comprehensive healing and Coaching program, covering all the areas of healing & improving your Inner Self and your Outer Self, and partnering with you to find your Soulmate.  This is a  consisting of real-world experiential coaching that takes place ‘out in the field’ rather than in my office or over Skype/Phone.  This is for clients who either live in or near Southern California, or who would like to fly here or fly ME to wherever you are to have this incredibly valuable in-person coaching & training with me. I will take you through my proven process that is customized to fit you, but will include everything you need in order to make profound breakthroughs, and attract and marry the love of your life. Most of it will take place over Skype, but some coaching can be done in-person too.

    Here is what the 6-month Journey to Love will look like:

    • Healing your Heart & your Chakras through Energy Healing & Theta-Healing (In the beginning, and throughout your journey, we will do some powerful healing work on your energetic and spiritual level – primarily targeting your Heart Chakra, Sacral Chakra, and Solar Plexus Chakra which are the most influencial chakras in your ability to attract love and in how your relationships go)
    • Uncovering & Eliminating your Subconscious Limiting Beliefs about yourself, about men, love, and relationships: Through powerful Hypnotherapy and NLP sessions
    • Uncovering your unhealthy Relationship Patterns and self-sabotaging behaviors with men
    • Executing my powerful Soulmate Manifesting Process and creating your Soulmate Profile, Vision Board, Relationship Needs Chart, and other manifestation activities that jump-start the manifesting process
    • Understand fully the fatal but little-known mistakes women make with dating and men that cause them to kill a man’s interest and push great men away. If you’ve ever had an issue of men suddenly losing interest or not wanting to commit to you, you’ll understand exactly why.
    • Developing your “IT Factor” – Your Irresistibility Factor. We will develop your overall “packaging” and magnify your natural inner beauty so that you become a truly irresistible, marriage-material Man Magnet who can attract great, high quality men easily
    • Understanding Men, the secrets of The Male Mind, and how Love and Attraction work for Men
    • Understand the Female Role in relationships vs. the Male Role, and the most important factors you must know about men that cause them to be head-over-heels attracted and devoted to some women – but not interested in committing at all to most other women.
    • Developing magnetic Self-Confidence and overcoming deep-rooted Self-consciousness and Self-worth issues
    • Overcome Shyness and Anxiety around men, and learn how to appear more charismatic, comfortable, and confident with them
    • Enhancing your natural Femininity, Sensuality, and Sex appeal, in order to more powerfully attract men
    • Style, Image & Wardrobe Makeover to have you looking and feeling your most absolutely gorgeous to attract higher-caliber men
    • Executing your Dating Game plan: The tactical action plan for meeting a constant flow of higher quality, good men, going on lots of successful dates, and ultimately meeting your Soulmate
    • Online Dating Profile Makeover and online dating & texting strategies
    • Improve your Body language, First Impression, Energy Levels, and anything else that is lacking or needs improvement in order for you to be a magnet for high quality men (and a match for your Soulmate!)
    • Developing engaging Flirting Skills & Conversational Skills: Master your ability to talk to and connect with men right away, how to get approached and asked out more, and flirt with them so they feel romantic chemistry with you right away.
    • Learn how to tell right away if a man is “relationship ready” or “emotionally unavailable,” and learn how to spot the signs of a player, a jerk, or a guy who will just waste your time.
    • Developing your Attraction skills, Magnetism, and Emotional Intimacy Skills: Enhance your ability to influence men to pursue you and “feel” a gut-level of attraction and deep connection with you. Develop the ability to create not only the sexual connection with men, but the emotional connection with them, so you are able to trigger deep bonding with men that has them seeing you as the greatest woman on the planet for them.
    • Learn powerful Communication Skills & Strategies that allow you to communicate with men, in their language, in a way that draws them closer to you and deepens their feelings of connection with you, not push them away and  create more distance. Learn how to speak a man’s language and get what you want and need from men. Learn how to handle conflicts effectively and resolve them.
    • Learn powerful Relationship, Sex, & Intimacy skills: Learn how to be fully confident with men sexually, and in all intimate ways. Learn what men really need and want in relationships and how to satisfy their needs and desires like no other woman has been able to!
    • Get him to Propose: Learn how to get him to see you as his wife that he cannot live without, and how to get him to propose. Also learn what men’s greatest fears are that cause most men to delay proposing, as well as the mistakes most women make during this critical time that may prevent him from wanting to marry you altogether – and how to overcome these
    • You’ll get up to 6 sessions per month of coaching, healing, and strategy with me, DeAnna Lorraine (at least one session per week, and sometimes more sessions throughout the month)
    • You also get 2 In-person “Workdays” with me where I will deepen the coaching and healing work we’ve been doing in-person, and coaching you in environments where you will be interacting with men. These are designed to give you profound breakthroughs and develop your flirting, communication skills, and attraction skills, confidence, and sex appeal with men like you’ve never had before! (I am located in Los Angeles, CA. If you are unable to drive or fly to me at any point throughout the 6 months, or you choose not to take advantage of these 2 days, then I can discount the total price for you)
      • 80% of the women I work with in this coaching program are in an exclusive relationship within 6 months
      • 95% of women I work with in this coaching program have a more active and successful dating life within 4 months of starting the program
      • 100% of women I work with are dating and attracting men who they consider to be “higher quality” and an “upgrade” than men they have attracted in the past, within 4 months of starting the program
    • Your Investment is only $7,200  total for the entire 6-month Holistic Coaching & Healing program, including unlimited outside support, and the 2 in-Person live Coaching days that can be used at any time, up until 8 months. Payment can be made in monthly payment, bi-monthly payments, or in full for a 10% discount.
    • “Weekend Intensive”$3,497 total for a 4-Day training weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday evening), plus the cost of plane fare & hotel.  Would you rather condense much of this Coaching & Healing in one intense weekend? If so, there is an option for that too. (This option may be preferred to set up for those of you who do not live near Los Angeles, and/or want to do a condensed long weekend of in-person “Immersion” Coaching with me). This package also includes 2 private Skype Coaching sessions prior to the weekend, and 3 follow-up Coaching sessions for after the weekend, plus 1 month of continued support and email access to me. *You can have the option of either coming to ME in Los Angeles, CA to do the weekend, or flying me out to YOUR city. Payment can be made either in full (10% discount), or in payments. 
  • The Group Weekend BOOTCAMP: 

    • (See more detailed description, videos & results of the Weekend Bootcamp on the Bootcamp page). This is another interactive, IN-PERSON, “hands-on” coaching option that takes place in a group setting (up to 7 other Women [same-sex]), over the course of 1 learning-packed Weekend (Friday night, Saturday, Saturday night, and Sunday); Plus you get 2 additional 1-on-1 Coaching sessions with me after the weekend. These Bootcamps are fun and transformative and the coaching takes places in ‘real world’ environments to develop your confidence and skills in the areas of meeting men, approaching men, flirting & talking to men, overcoming shyness, attracting & seducing men, and dating attractive, high-quality men, and attracting your “Mr. Right.”  These weekend Bootcamps take place only 1-2 times per year in San Diego, NYC, London, and Dubai.
    • INVESTMENT: The Weekend Bootcamp is only: $1,497 total (full price), or $1,397 for the sale price
    • The Weekend Bootcamp tuition includes the full 2.5-Day weekend from Friday – Sunday, PLUS 1 private (1-Hour) Skype Coaching session with me before the Bootcamp, and 1 additional private Coaching session with me after the Bootcamp. 
    • After the Bootcamp, you and your other fellow participants will also have the opportunity to enroll in my Group Coaching program, which is a monthly coaching program in a group Skype/Teleclass format, where we will meet for 2 (1 ½-Hour) coaching sessions a month for the purpose of continuing your training and development, and locking in all the amazing skills, knowledge and improvements that you made in the weekend Bootcamp. After the weekend is over and you go out into your own life again and practice all the things you’ve learned, it’s a recommended idea to continue to improve and have myself and a support system to work through any challenges that you run into on your own, get additional coaching, and reach your dating and relationship goals. If you enroll in the Group Coaching program, your Bootcamp tuition includes your first month of Group Coaching FREE, and then you will continue at just $275.00/Month.

  • The Love Empress Online Course: 

    • This is the “Group” Coaching plan option
    • 2 (80-min) Coaching Sessions per month over the PHONE/Skype, with up to 10 other Women, led by DeAnna
    • Weekly “Homework Assignments” & Action steps for you to do in-between sessions
    • We work through different Dating, Relationship & Attraction topics each coaching session to develop you into attractive, desirable, ultimate “Goddess” and attracting your ideal Future Husband
    • You will be Coached on all the skills & areas outlined in the “Three Coaching Phases” page, in a highly supportive, fun & interactive group learning environment with similar like-minded women
    • Why not make the journey of dating & attracting your Soulmate more fun & supportive by going through it together with a bunch of awesome girlfriends! You will have an amazing built-in support system of women who will keep you inspired & motivated, and help you expand and grow to your highest potential, in life and love. Each participant is assigned a “dating buddy,” & you will have friends for life.
    • This Goddess Course is designed for brilliant & powerful women who want it ALL ~ A thriving career, an incredible life, and an epic, deeply fulfilling, story-book-romance marriage.
    • INVESTMENT: $275/Month; 3-month minimum commitment but you are encouraged to remain in the group for the full 10 months of the program in order to reach your goals and get the best results.
  • The 1-Month Makeover Starter Plan

    • Mock Date + Full Diagnostic report
    • Online Dating Profile set up & Makeover
    • Style, Image & Wardrobe consulting session
    • Dating Strategy Plan
    • 2 additional private Coaching Sessions
    • INVESTMENT: $1,250 Total