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How Oxytocin is Affecting your Relationships with Men! (New VIDEO & Blog)

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Hey My Sexy Ladies! Check out my new Video and Blog post for this week, about “How Oxytocin Affects your Relationships with Men!” There’s some very valuable nuggets of information here that ALL women should hear about the powerful chemical called Oxytocin that gets released in women when we have sex, and what effects it has on the man that we’re dating (or, sleeping with Lol) and in the way we act towards him. And, how it can cause us to choose the wrong men and prevent us from finding real love! Watch my short video below.

Having you been guilty of falling under the spell of Oxytocin in your relationships? Hmmm…

Feel free to share your comments, and if you’re interested in signing up for or learning more about my Women’s Date Coaching programs or the upcoming Weekend dating ‘Bootcamps’ designed to help you attract your Dream Man fast and eliminate all that’s been standing in the way of you finding him, sign up for a free call and you and I can discuss & make a game-plan!

Love you, stay smart & sexy!

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DeAnna Lorraine is a San Diego Dating Coach and dating expert 

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