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Are you Frustrated with your Dating Results, And You can’t seem to meet any QUALITY People?

  • Are you tired of “LOSING” in your Dating & Love life?

  • Do you keep dating the “wrong” people, and winding up in the wrong, dead-end relationships?

  • Do you feel like you just can’t seem to find any “good,” HIGH-QUALITY people out there that you’re interested in –and the only ones that you ARE interested in aren’t interested in YOU?

  • Do your relationships with men just seem to fall FLAT – You start dating a good guy, you think everything is going great – but then he suddenly disappears, goes distant on you, or gives you the old “I really like you, BUT… I’m just not ready for a relationship or commitment right now…”

  • Do you seem to have a track record of women breaking up with you, cheating on you, or giving you the same old “You’re a nice guy BUT… I just want to be Friends” routine?

  • Does your lack of experience with the opposite sex hold you back and keep you from dating & from having successful romantic relationships?

  • OR, Do you think of yourself as an altogether pretty great catch who is smart, successful and attractive – but you just haven’t been able to find & attract that one amazing person who is a perfect match for you to spend the rest of your life with??

Well if any of this sounds like you at all, the end result is still the same – your dating & love life as it stands right now is not where you’d like it to be. You probably thought you’d be blissfully in the relationship of your dreams by now, or enjoying a delicious, passionate marriage with your Soulmate.

I understand how frustrating it feels being single and watching your friends get married and coupled off one by one, seeing other people around you in happy relationships, and feeling like your own love life is not making much progress and you’re starting to wonder if you ever will find love.

If you were given the chance, would you love to just want to cut through all the BS of dating and get yourself an amazing love life as quickly as possible? Well I want to help you finally start WINNING in your love life and get you the delicious dating life or dream relationship that you know you were meant to have! That, my friend is the stuff that makes life truly worth living.

My name is DeAnna Lorraine, I’m a Dating & Relationship Coach, and I solve your biggest problems with DATING & Relationships – And help you find “The One.”

Click HERE to Take the Free “Dating & Relationship Needs Assessment” & Sign up for your Complimentary 30-Minute Dating Strategy Call over the phone to discuss your current love life & learn more about my Date Coaching program for men or women looking to greatly enhance their Dating & Relationship Success.

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10 essential New Year’s Dating Resolutions for finding love in 2012!

dating coachAh, It’s another New Year. The New Year’s theme of personal growth and positive change is back around again. You may have done things this past year in your dating life that just didn’t work. You probably made some mistakes that you don’t want to repeat. But this year, decide to let THIS be the year you finally change and succeed! Based on lessons from clients and things I’ve found to be the biggest reasons for singles getting stuck in a dating rut and not finding success in their dating life, I’ve compiled a list of 10 essential resolutions for you to make in your dating life that if you truly stick to them and live out, will make a dramatic difference in your dating life and rapidly accelerate your search for finding and attracting The One. So make these resolutions this year; I want this to be the year that you fall in love!

  1. Get ACTIVE. Put yourself OUT there. Stop making excuses for yourself to not truly put yourself out there. Just like anything that you’ve gotten in your life, getting the relationship you want or an active dating life takes you getting out of your house, going OUT there, and putting time, effort and commitment into it every week, a little bit a day. So starting NOW (not tomorrow!), get off your butt – and head to places that put you in exposure to the opposite sex.

  1. Change your Mindset. Make Dating FUN! Stop focusing on all the lack of available men, women and opportunities there are and start focusing on all the abundance of great singles there are – and you’ll get more of it. Don’t dwell on how frustrating dating is or thinking of dating like some a chore and think of dating as a fun adventure, where anything can happen along the way. Relax and enjoy the journey, start doing things you enjoy and it will BE more enjoyable for you.

  1. Develop and execute a “Dating Strategy Plan” for attracting your ideal relationship. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Never is that saying more applicable – yet underused – than in your dating life. Would you start your own business without a Business Plan? Would you travel across the country without a Roadmap? What does YOUR Relationship Attraction Plan look like?  Based on your requirements for what you’re looking for in a partner, map out specifically where you will go, what you will do and when you will go to find and meet people that fit those criteria. What groups or clubs or activities will you sign up for? What places, events or venues will you go to during the week, and when? Map it out, create an actual plan and schedule for your weeks, and print it out and hang it up where you will see it every day.

  1. Decide what you want, make a list, and stick to it! Stop dating blindly. Don’t waste more than 3 dates on people that don’t fit your criteria. At this point, if you’re serious about finding “The One,” and you’re sick of dilly-dallying around, you need to figure out exactly what you want – as well as what you don’t want. What are your “Must-Have” criteria and requirements? What are your “Deal-Breakers?” You need to have more than just a flimsy mental list, take some time and write them out and make a list of at least 10 of these non-negotiable criteria for what you must have and won’t settle for. Then make a commitment to use these lists as your barometer that you compare all your dates to. Find out if they meet those requirements within the first 3 dates, and do not continue dating them past 3 dates if they don’t – no matter how hot, rich, or sexy they are!

  1. Practice ASSERTIVENESS. How are you going to get what you want if you don’t know how to ask for it? Make a commitment to state your requests, stop expecting people to read your mind or instinctively know what you want. Ask for what you want – with people you’re dating, in the bedroom, and in life.

  1. If you want a great partner, BECOME a great partner. You can’t expect to find and attract someone who has all these qualities that you personally do not have. In order to find the perfect partner for you, you need to make sure you have all the qualities yourself that you’re looking for in a partner and are living the life that you want, or are actively working towards it.

  1. Be the “CHOOSER. Stop getting into relationships just because someone wants you really bad or aggressively pursues you. it can be very flattering when someone wants us and pursues us, but if you’re not really feeling them or they don’t meet your criteria, remember that you have the ultimate choice and YOU need to be the choose them. Just because someone chooses you doesn’t mean you have to choose them.

  1. Flirt shamelessly til the cows come home! If you want to rapidly open the floodgates and fill your pipeline up with a continuous flow of prospects, you need to master the art of flirting. Become a master at flirting, Flirt often and everywhere. Smile whenever you talk to people, make lots of eye contact and be playful and teasing.

  1. Master your First Impression. First impressions MATTER. Within the first 3 seconds of a new encounter…we are judged and evaluated, and you make an indelible impression. Depending on your physical appearance and attire, will either intrigue and attract someone, or turn them off. So if 3 seconds can determine your fate on a date, and can make or break your opportunity with someone…wouldn’t it make sense to do everything you can to control YOUR first impression, and make sure that it’s the best impression possible. You never know who you will meet and when, so dress like you’re about to meet the love of your life every date and put your best face forward. Don’t cut corners. Paying attention to the details of your first impression – like having a clean car, ironing your clothes, spritzing on fragrance or doing your make-up at home rather than rushing in the car on your way over there – will pay off.

  1. Stop settling for the “BTN” Guy or Girl. You know, the “Better Than Nothing” relationship. everyone gets lonely from time to time when they’re single, but stop getting into relationships or dating people that you know are below your criteria or aren’t right for you just because they’re better than being alone. It may seem like a short-term fix for you but its far worse in the long run and ends up wasting far more time and emotional energy, and it will cause you more pain than good.

Let me know how it goes, and good luck out there!

In Love & Success,

DeAnna xo

DeAnna Lorraine is an internationally-recognized and san diego dating coach and dating expert.

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The Secret to having the “Perfect” Partner & Relationship? It’s Simple…

Do you want to know what the SECRET is to having the perfect Partner and the perfect Relationship?? Oh isn’t that the question of the life time. I will sum it up very concisely for you. It’s actually a lot simpler than you think. Yet so few people really know how to do it and apply it in their relationships.

Well, since NO person, no human being, including YOU is “perfect” (I hate to be the bearer of bad news…), just by the nature of us being human, there is always going to be about 10% of every person you’re interested in that you find to be IM-perfect… their perhaps less-than-desirable qualities that you aren’t such a big fan of. And you have them too of course. But there is at least 90% of that person that IS awesome and positive and great. That’s why you’re interested in them in the first place. So the key is for you to simply focus on that 90% of them that you like…. And because whatever we focus our energy on expands, that 90% of their good positive qualities will gradually start expanding to take up just about the whole 100%. And it really does happen like that! The reality that you experience is really the result of the lens that you view it from. The same secret can be applied to experience greater happiness in every moment and experience in your life. The problem is that most people don’t do this with the people that they date, or the experiences that they have… Instead they tend to do the opposite… They start focusing on the 10% that they don’t like, and that starts becoming the  lens that they see see the person through. And the more they focus on it, the more annoying that 10% of that person becomes and the more “imperfect” they seem to you, and what started out as just 10% continues to expand in your mind, until you eventually usually come to the conclusion that this person just isn’t compatible for you or isn’t making you happy, but in reality you were the one who sabotaged it all along. Crazy, right? But oh so common…. If you find you are someone who does that in relationships, or someone who seems to find and focus on the one little flaw in a wonderful meal, or a new activity or in nearly anything that you do or someone else does, then you are severely shrinking the amount of happiness you can experience in your life and in your relationships.  If you instead get in the habit of  experiencing the things in your life through a positive lens that focuses on the 90% of people, things, and experiences that are GOOD, then you will be amazed at how much more happy & successful you will actually be in your life and in your relationships.

So remember, what you FOCUS on, EXPANDS! So Follow the 90% Rule. 🙂

Love, DeAnna

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Free Teleseminar: The Fatal Mistakes Men make in Dating that keep them Single!

I want to personally invite you to a very special Teleseminar I am leading this month this Wednesday, October 26th at 12-1pm. The topic this month is on:

“The Fatal Mistakes Men make in Dating that Keep them from getting Married!

This is the first call in my exclusive free Teleseminar series that’s just for Men, “Secrets of Creating Chemistry & Attraction with High-Quality Women.”

Wouldn’t you like to be able to attract and keep the beautiful, quality women that you really want, rather than settle for those women you don’t really that attracted to but that are easier for you to get? Aren’t you sick of making fatal mistakes that land you in the “Friend Zone” with women and get you nowhere on your dates?

Here’s what we’ll go over in this information-packed Teleseminar!

  • The 5 Biggest Mistakes that Men make that cause them to fail with women
  • The Biggest pitfalls that smart, successful men make in their 20’s and 30’s that cause them to remain single & unable to find a marriage partner (you may already be doing these!)
  • The #1 Thing you are most likely doing in your interactions with women that are turning them OFF without you even realizing it.
  • The 3 Most Important Things you can do right now that will change the outcome of your love life & increase your odds of success!

In order to join the call, you must register HERE:

Then you will be sent the call-in #.

Again, here are the details:

When: Wednesday, October 26th, from 12-1pm PST

Where: Call-in (# will be sent to you after registering)

Why: Because you want to learn how to attract & succeed with amazing women!

Cost: No charge. This is my complimentary Teleseminar series

So if you are serious about becoming more successful with attracting and dating women and being the man that women find irresistible, then you should definitely join the call this month. It’s going to be a very special call that will have you setting the attraction wheels in motion!

Thanks, and I hope to “see” you on the call at noon on October 26th!

Your Dating Coach & Romance Resource,

DeAnna Lorraine

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Deanna Lorraine is an internationally-recognized and San Diego Dating Coach

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