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Women who Watch “Magic Mike” will Enhance their Relationship?


Should Women go out and watch the movie Magic Mike – to Enhance their Marriage?
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With the ground-breaking erotic novel 50 Shades of Gray bursting onto the scene this Spring and now with the premier of the premier of the sexually–explicit film about male strippers, Magic Mike, both targeting the female population, this new shift in erotic media has created a cultural phenomenon that has generated huge conversation among women – especially middle-aged mothers. This demographic, who has been more reserved in the past, has suddenly began talking very openly and explicit about their sexuality. And as a Dating & Relationship expert I believe this to be a very good thing and can result in a wave of positive benefits to relationships around the world!

I say Hallelujah! Finally it’s women’s turn to enjoy sexual media and fantasies (and gawk at guys’ cute buts and bodies like they have done for us for years, right? ;). The recent popularity of sexual media targeting women With seem to be giving women the Okay to talk more openly about their sexuality and really explore it. I think it’s about time and I encourage women to jump on this sexual bandwagon.

Women, now is the time to really embrace your sexuality and let it all out (in the context of a committed relationship of course; I’m not condoning you being promiscuous, Lol). There is an inner sexual “vixen” in all women and the more you can just tap into it and let her out, the more fulfilling your love life and relationship will be with your partner. Suppressing your natural sexual desires and fantasies or never exploring them is not only unhealthy, but it creates a feeling of restrictiveness in your relationship and results in a very dull, passion-less love life. This is often why many married men sadly end up having affairs and especially cheating with women – especially women like porn stars and strippers; because they feel so restricted in their love life and the sex with their wife has gotten too boring and monotonous.

Men have been watching & reading porn and talking explicitly about sex for years, and I feel like now more than ever it’s time for women to be more open with their sexuality and embrace that sexy part of them.

So HOW exactly does a Woman going to a Strip-Club or reading an erotic novel help a Relationship??

Here are 3 major relationship BENEFITS of Women indulging in Erotic/Sexual Media:

  • Awakens your Sexuality and promotes greater intimacy in your relationship, which can be especially rejuvenating to a marriage that has gotten stale or dull. Because sex is one of the top 3 causes for divorce and cheating, keeping up a passionate and exciting sex life is essential for having a marriage that beats the odds and stays strong for life.
  • Stimulates our sexual desire and encourages women to be more expressive about our sexuality with our Partner. This keeps both partners feeling satisfied and hot for each other
  • Triggers creative & novel ideas in the bedroom and different ways to express ourselves, making love lives a lot more interesting!

Now, here are 5 Easy Ways for Women to Tap into your Sexual “Vixen” – and Enhance YOUR Relationship:

  • Reading Erotic Literature, such as 50 Shades of Gray (either alone or reading to each other!)
  • Going to a Strip Club occasionally or watching erotic movies, like Magic Mike
  • Getting an erotic painting or intimate couples’ Photo Shoot with your partner or solo (Klhoe Kardashian and husband Llamar are among a host of celebrity couples who boast framed erotic portraits of them in their master bedrooms)
  • Going to a Couples-Only Resort, Club, or Class with your partner, such as an Erotic Yoga or Tantra class
  • Expressing and Exploring Fantasies and Ideas on a regular basis with your partner, and promoting a safe, loving and non-judgmental space to share and explore these

So women, go do something positive for yourselves and your relationship and go watch Magic Mike!

Love, your special Love Agent,

DeAnna Lorraine

DeAnna Lorraine is a internationally-known dating coach, dating expert and relationship expert.

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