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Women’s Group Date Coaching Course begins in August!


The Women’s “Rapid Relationship Attraction”

Group Coaching Program

Find your Husband and land your dream Relationship THIS Year!


This is a powerful and results-driven Group Coaching program, which is designed to overcome your obstacles and issues that have been holding you back & keeping you single, develop the confidence, dating, attraction and relationship skills necessary to have a dramatically improved and successful dating life, and find your ideal man. Together, we will create and execute your Relationship Attraction Plan so by the end of the 6 months you will either be in a relationship… Or be successfully dating quality prospects.

DETAILS: We will work in an intimate group setting to create a synergistic, inspiring and supportive environment with other women who share the same goals. The group is kept small and intimate (only 6 clients maximum) to allow for the most quality and personalized coaching experience. All sessions are also recorded and available for download via MP3 afterward in case there are any missed sessions.

Location: convenient weekly 1-Hour Tele-classes (Phone or Skype), which allow you to participate from anywhere in the world.

What we will cover in this amazing 6-month program…

Phase I. The “Inner Game” – Getting yourself totally ready on the inside to attract your Ideal Man.

  • Discover the ROOT cause of your lack of success with men – as well as your limiting beliefs & subconscious blocks that have been preventing YOU from being successful in finding love – and eliminate them once and for all

  • Develop stronger core Confidence & magnetic “Inner Game” that will dramatically enhance your ability to attract men

  • Enhance your Femininity and Natural Sex Appeal

  • Get crystal CLARITY on what you truly want in your Life Partner and create your Dream Man, or “Soulmate” Profile

Phase II. The “Outer Game” – Developing you into an ultra-Desirable “Marriage Material” Woman.

  • Maximizing your Physical appearance, Personal Style & Image to attract your Ideal Man

  • Draw our your unique Traits & Personality, and Enhance your overall Attractiveness so that men perceive you as a “High-Value Woman” that is marriage-material.

  • Enhancing other life areas that can be improved for greater overall “Romantic Market Value” & Desirability, including Home, Career, Social life, Financial situation, Weight/Body. We will set and achieve these goals together.

Phase III. Strategy & Application: Find, Catch, & Keep Mr. Right in record time!

  • Develop your “6-Month Relationship Attraction Plan” and Dating Strategy with specific weekly action steps, which will be your step-by-step blueprint in finding your Soulmate, executing it together with the group each week and celebrating your milestones and progress together.

  • Activate the Law of Attraction & other proven Man-ifestation techniques to magnetize your Soulmate to you at a faster rate.

  • Learn the necessary Dating, Attraction, & Relationship SKILLS necessary to attract your ideal man and maintain the relationship of your dreams:

Dating Skills:

– Learn where to Meet the ideal, Quality Men YOU are looking for

– Build dating and meeting lots of quality men into your schedule and lifestyle easily and naturally – and make it fun.

– Learn exactly how to Act & What to do ON & In-between Dates in order to succeed with them, as well as successful Date Planning & preparation. You’ll be able to master all the dating stages, from the first date to the casual dating stage to igniting his commitment to getting him to pop the question

Online Dating Skills:

– You will learn how to master the Online dating scene – How to successfully search online, how to best communicate, ‘flirt’ and engage online to greatly increase your response rate & dates. Create a winning profile that gets men’s attention and generates lots of messages and dates.

Attraction Skills:

– You will know how Attraction REALLY works for men and learn the Psychology of it; How to create it, How to skyrocket it, and Sustain it throughout the relationship. You also need to know the things you commonly do to unknowingly KILL his attraction and interest. I will teach you how to truly the art of Attracting Men, captivating them into Commitment and causing them to FALL hard for you.

– You’ll Learn how to create instant Chemistry in your dates and interactions with men & develop masterful Flirting and Seduction Skills that will make you irresistible in his eyes. No longer will men place you in the “Friend” or “Temporary Girl” category and tossed aside.

– Understand Male Psychology, How to truly connect with Men & how to Satisfy their hidden needs and desires in a way that separates you from 95% of other women and makes them eager to want to commit to you. Learn How to not only “hook” guys but MAINTAIN their attraction.

Successful Relationship Skills:

– Learn how to differentiate between the “right,” compatible partners for you, and the very WRONG guys who will end up wasting lots of your time.

-You will learn the skills necessary to develop and maintain a successful, healthy, passionate relationship and sustain attraction and excitement over time.

– Discover the fatal Dating Traps & mistakes that women most commonly make early in relationships that turn men off, push them away, or otherwise sabotage it.

~ Group Coaching Course Details ~

Course Fee: *$349/Month (special)

(**only until July 25th – rate increases to $449 if you sign up after 7/25)

Frequency: (4) 1-hour Sessions/month

Location: Phone/Teleclasses

Duration: ~6 months

NEXT course Start Dates: August 3rd (Registration now open!)

Maximum Clients: Only 6 clients maximum per class!


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